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10 Questions to Consider Before
Your Next Employee Engagement Survey

Understanding employee engagement is critical to any organization. When employees are engaged, they throw their hearts, spirits, minds and hands into their work. This discretionary effort results in innovation, dedication, improved quality, lower turnover, increased customer service… the list goes on. Employee surveys play an important role in understanding how this level of engagement changes over time. Their primary purpose is to provide vital feedback, identifying influences for predicting and shaping future performance.

Imagine trying to kick a goal when you weren’t able to detect the distance, the direction, or even if you made contact with the ball! Trying to run a business without accurate employee feedback would be just as farcical. In this article, I will discuss a number of concerns, and how to cope with them while creating your own survey protocol. I will use an employee engagement survey as the example, although the methods detailed below can be generalized to most any type of survey.

Here are 10 questions to consider before your next employee engagement survey:

  1. Should I even conduct an employee survey?
  2. What makes a good employee engagement survey?
  3. Can a good employee engagement survey still create problems?
  4. What counts as an employee survey?
  5. How often should we conduct an employee engagement survey?
  6. How long should an employee engagement survey be?
  7. How do I design a good employee engagement survey?
  8. Does it matter how an employee survey is administered?
  9. How do I interpret employee engagement survey results?
  10. Are we done yet?

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