360 Degree Feedback Process Overview

Learn how a 360 survey is admintered from start to finish

For nearly two decades DecisionWise has specialized in conducting 360 degree feedback surveys and coaching participants on the results. Our proprietary survey system (Leadership Intelligence System or “LIS”) and assessments provide unmatched quality in delivering survey solutions. However, we are not just a software vendor– frankly, that’s the easy part. We are a feedback consulting firm that provides expertise, personal service, best-in-class assessment technology, and specialized 360 degree feedback solutions that turn feedback into results.

We have administered hundreds of thousands of 360 surveys. Our survey projects range from less than 10 participants to thousands of participants in some of the most widely recognized companies in the world. However, our 360 feedback solutions do not begin and end with technology. Each survey project receives personalized attention. We go far beyond a software application in our design, administration, and follow-up of each assessment.

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Step 1: 360 Feedback Survey Design

Our assessment team is made up of experts in industrial/organizational psychology, as well as business results. We understand what to measure and how to measure it. We conduct and publish extensive research on 360 degree feedback, and our 360 degree feedback research is widely cited and recognized. Using this expertise as a foundation, our assessment team works with you to select the right multi-rater survey, or to design your survey and process based on the needs of your organization.

Step 2: Select Raters

Selecting appropriate feedback raters is an important part of the process. We offer several different options for rater selection:

1) The participant chooses the raters with the help of his or her manager.

2) The organization (or HR) can pre-select the raters.

3) The individual or HR/management can select the raters, and then the manager (or HR) can finalize and approve the list once it is created.

Step 3: Collect Feedback

Few mistakes can destroy a 360 initiative faster than a survey process that is cumbersome and not perceived as confidential. This is why relying solely on a 360 assessment software application is generally incomplete. Rather than leaving you on your own to implement a software application, our assessment advisers administer the entire project for you. This ensures a high level of confidentiality, ease of administration, reduced overall costs, a higher level of rater participation, and overall increased effectiveness.

Step 4: Generate Reports

DecisionWise assessment advisers monitor the entire process. To ensure the greatest amount of input, they monitor participation, and send out reminders when participation is lower than desired. Once there is sufficient participation, we generate the reports and conduct a quality check on every survey. We notify you is we see something that needs to be addressed.

Step 5: 360 Feedback Coaching

After a rollout of 360 feedback, many organizations ask, “Now what?” They come to us because they had provided the assessment results, but didn’t see any action or results. This is a poor return on investment. We don’t stop at simply delivering 360-degree feedback reports. We work with you to turn that feedback into results through coaching, action planning, and accountability.

Additional Services

  • A completely outsourced and confidential 360-degree feedback process
  • The highest level of flexibility and technology while handling any size project
  • Fully customized or standard online 360-degree feedback surveys
  • Webinars and training for HR, participants, raters, and managers
  • Extensive benchmarks
  • Easy-to-read reports
  • Expert coaching and follow-up processes that turn 360-degree feedback into results
  • A cost-effective survey process