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360 Degree Feedback Platform Technology

Engage your people with competency-driven 360 degree leadership tools

Automated Processes

We understand that you don’t want to spend weeks configuring the settings to run your 360 initiatives. DecisionWise has automated the entire process. You simply choose your time parameters, and the platform does the rest. All participant and rater processes are optimized for mobile devices. 

  • Rater Selection
  • Rater Approval
  • Hand-and-Wrench-WHITE v4 Administration
  • Individual Reports

Quickly Build A List

Participants can quickly build a rater list by entering the names and emails of their evaluators or choose from a pre-populated list of employees. Customized FAQ options allow you to put important content at the fingertips of each rater.

Ensure an Accurate Representation

Active participant involvement in rater selection is our best practice. We also recommend that HR or a manager approve the raters to ensure an accurate representation of raters.

Oversee With Ease

After the raters have been approved, the assessment will automatically be sent to the participant and all the selected raters. Reminders are sent to those who have not completed the assessment and the assessment will remain open until the chosen closing date. Override the closing date where necessary to include delayed raters.

Get Actionable Data

Dynamic online or PDF reports include simple to read reports with several modules that can be turned on or off. All standard reports include DecisionWise benchmark data. Create your own benchmarks with the norm tool, see gaps between rater groups, and include recommendations for improvement with the DecisionWise resource library. 

Built For HR Professionals

For over 25-years DecisionWise has been administering competency-based leadership assessments. All that experience has been packed into the most robust, simplified platform available. HR professionals will love the simple interface, validated assessments, custom assessment builder, automated rater selection and rater approval, individual reports, and robust group reporting. 

Leadership Competencies

Leadership competencies are the foundation of the Leadership Experience. Each organization has a unique culture and desired competencies. The DecisionWise 360 Platform competency management system allows organizations to create their own assessments from relevant competencies. Start with the DecisionWise competency library or create your own.

Recommendation Libraries

The DecisionWise 360 Platform provides a library of curated resources to assist the leader in their personal growth and development. The recommendation management tool allows organizations to include custom recommendations and connect to learning management systems. Participant PDF reports included embedded links for quick access to the educational items.

Leader Management

Actively manage each of your leaders with robust leader management tools. Assign tags to each leader for simplified searching and robust aggregate group reporting. Each leader’s profile allows you to retain previous assessments and trend new reports against those previous assessments. See how your leader is doing with the leadership competencies that are most important to your organization. 

Account Management

Subgroups: For organizations with subsidiary groups, companies, or organizations, the Leadership Experience Platform gives organizational leaders tools to develop competencies and assessments for the entire organization and push them down to subsidiary groups. Organizers can assign or restrict permission to subsidiary groups for creating or administering leadership assessments.  

Languages: All leadership assessments can be administered in any language. This includes languages where reading and writing are left to right or right to left. You can set default languages at the subgroup level. Assessments can include multiple languages and reports can toggle between assigned languages. Raters can complete the assessment in one language and the participant receive the feedback in another. You have direct control over the language translation and can update or modify directly in the platform.  

Branding: The Leadership Experience Platform includes an option for organizations to brand participant and rater interfaces as well as all assessments.  

Belonging is created by leadership capabilities that reinforce organizational values of fairness, respect, psychological safety, inspiring team members to do their best, and connecting team members to the mission and values of the organization.

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