Podcast: Connecting the People to the Brand: How Mary Barra Changed the Culture of GM

Engaging People Podcast · Ep. 131: Connecting the People to the Brand – How Mary Barra Changed the Culture of General Motors” In this episode, Matthew Wride and Christian Nielson discuss the unique culture that current CEO, Mary Barra, brings to General Motors by empowering her employees with trust and autonomy. Mary is noted for […]

Employees listen to their leader

Is Your Brand Attracting and Retaining Top Talent?

REI Doubles Down on Its Brand Promise Is Your Brand Attracting and Retaining Top Talent? On October 27, 2015, $2.2 billion outdoor recreation specialty retailer REI sent a letter to its 5.5 million co-op members: It would be closing its stores on Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. More than that, the […]

Supportive Ecosystem for Coaching

Employee Experience

Employee Experience Understanding what is driving the employee experience Download Sample Survey The Employee Experience Definition: The Employee Experience (EX) is the sum of perceptions employees have about their interactions with the organization in which they work. There is a good deal of confusion about the definition of “Employee Experience.” When individuals and organizations are […]

Manager listening to others

What Makes A Good Manager and Leader?

The cost of a bad manager amounts to billions of dollars each year. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent to measure and improve the employee experience by focusing on the collective organizational experience. However, DecisionWise research shows that organizations should refocus their efforts and double down on their managers. Our research shows that […]

Managing Up: How to Do it Successfully

One thing we have learned from years of administering 360-degree feedback assessments is that people can be perceived in vastly different ways depending upon who is giving them feedback. People receiving a 360 assessment benefit from understanding the different perspectives provided to them from various groups. As a 360 company, we have seen the benefit […]

DecisionWise Awarded Judge’s Choice 2021 Achievement in Customer Excellence Award

16th Annual ACE Awards Recognize Outstanding Customer Experience Programs and Performance SPRINGVILLE, UTAH, USA — June 1, 2021 – DecisionWise, an employee experience firm, has been awarded a 2021 Judge’s Choice Confirmit ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Award in the Employee Experience category. This award recognizes DecisionWise’s outstanding dedication and success in measuring, understanding, and […]

Want to Strengthen eNPS? Give Employees a Voice and a Future

In the American West, cattle ranches have long been identified by their livestock brands, the symbols seared into the hides of their animals. Ranch brands were primarily created to help identify lost or stolen animals, but over time they took on a larger meaning for the cowboys employed by the ranch. The phrase “ride for […]

The Why Behind Company Core Values

The Problem For the past few decades, organizations have felt compelled to issue various statements to describe their organization’s aspirations and ideals. Originally, it was limited to just a single statement – the mission statement.  But now, such statements include an organization’s mission, vision, corporate social responsibility viewpoint, purpose, principles, and company core values.  Leaders are […]

Employee Turnover

What is Employee Turnover Employee Turnover: simply the act of replacing one employee for another. Employee Turnover most often comes in two types: voluntary (the employee chooses to leave) and involuntary (the employee is asked or forced to leave) turnover. Additionally, there are levels of job turnover we describe as regrettable vs. acceptable turnover. Voluntary […]