10 Tips for Using 360 Degree Feedback for Performance Appraisal

Originally used almost exclusively for developmental purposes, using 360-degree feedback for purposes other than employee development increased significantly over the past decade. One application increasing in popularity is the use of multirater feedback for performance appraisal. Whether one agrees with it or not, economic reality has caused an increasing number of organizations to begin using […]

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The Power of Identifying and Engaging Your Hidden Influencers

By Beth Wilkins, Ph.D. and Natalia Smith Early in my career, an insightful mentor taught me that formal leaders are in charge but not in control. After ten acquisitive years at Oracle, I realized how accurate this axiom was. My role as an organizational effectiveness consultant gave me a front row seat to senior leaders’ […]

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Without Coaching and Goal-setting, Your 360 Degree Feedback Process is a Waste of Time and Money

Feedback is a vital part of performance, growth, and development. Understanding ourselves and how we interact with others helps us to understand the impact we have on those around us. The perceptions of others within our circle of influence, whether those perceptions are accurate or inaccurate, determine our level of success. Regardless of the accuracy […]

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Feedback is a Gift… or is it?

I was on a phone call in which a senior manager was not, as I call it, “owning the feedback.” His organization had just gone through a 360 degree feedback process which involved several hundred managers. After watching many of his direct reports go through the process over the past several weeks, it was now […]

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Why 360 Degree Feedback?

360-Degree Feedback Self Awareness

First of all, what is 360 degree feedback? 360 degree feedback is a one-of-a-kind development tool that allows an individual to receive influential feedback from peers, coworkers, managers, and anyone else who works closely with them. Imagine looking in a mirror. What does the mirror help you do? The mirror helps you to see what […]

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Webinar: 360 Degree Feedback Best Practices

Having an impromptu meeting

Based on 20-years of experience conducting 360 degree feedback surveys around the world, we’ll share the best methods for preparing, administering, and rolling out the results from your 360 degree feedback survey. We’ll also identify the most common mistakes organizations make when conducting 360 degree feedback surveys and how to avoid them. Learn the best practices […]

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