The Power of Identifying and Engaging Your Hidden Influencers

By Beth Wilkins, Ph.D. and Natalia Smith Early in my career, an insightful mentor taught me that formal leaders are in charge but not in control. After ten acquisitive years at Oracle, I realized how accurate this axiom was. My role as an organizational effectiveness consultant gave me a front row seat to senior leaders’ […]

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Two Ways to Reinforce Your Company Values

At some companies the official organization values turn into an ongoing joke either because they  are never communicated or because leaders fail to live up to them. But organization values are important because they shape the culture and performance of the organization. They determine people’s actions and how decisions are made. Every organization is unique, […]

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Managing Your 4 Key Talent Groups

4 Keys to Understand 360-degree Feedback Surveys

Do you have formal methods for identifying the talent that exists throughout your organization? If so, does the management team have a common language to describe different talent pools? Leaders Need Feedback. Download 360-degree Feedback Survey Sample Successful organizations are effective at identifying their talent and taking the appropriate actions to utilize and develop their […]

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Forget the Millennials, It's All About the Freelancers

There is an old saying among real estate developers, “You don’t build the church for Easter!”  In other words, when designing seating capacity, the incremental cost required to accommodate outlying scenarios is not worth the investment. For decades, conventional wisdom has held that this same principle is true as managers design their organization’s workforce. You […]

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Podcast: Recognizing Leadership Derailers

Manager talking with employee.

The “Recognizing Leadership Derailers” episode covers leadership derailer, 13 common leadership derailers, and the toxic combinations that we have seen when you mix them together. Download 360-Degree Feedback Survey Sample What is a derailer? • Derailers are behavior CHALLENGES that undermine our results. • A derailer is a behavior that gets in the way of […]

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Podcast: Transition Into Management – Part 1

The transition into management can sometimes be difficult for new leaders. In EP007 Leadership Intelligence Podcast – Transition Into Management Part 1, DecisionWise COO and author, Matthew Wride, talks about what it takes to make the management transition successful. Learn about the five Ps of transitioning into management, motivations for moving into management, 10 myths […]

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