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Creating a Culture of Feedback
at CHG Healthcare

“Our number one core value is called ‘putting people first’ and it really defines how we try to create an environment where our employees thrive.”

Scott Beck CEO, CHG Healthcare



10 Yrs.




How putting people first significantly reduced turnover.

Back in 2002, CHG Healthcare Services was average. Growth rates were average. Sales and revenue figures were average. Employee turnover rate was, well, average.  But the executive team had no interest in simply being average.  CHG wanted to be the largest and best healthcare staffing company in the country

Challenge: CHG’s moderately engaged corporate culture was restricting growth and its turnover rate of 48 percent (the industry average) made it virtually impossible to hire and train employees fast enough to grow at an accelerated pace. Like many companies, communication was mostly top-down; divisional cultures were disparate and defined by the local leader; HR focused on general administrative practices. This resulted in an environment that was a “good place to work.”  But without an engaging atmosphere, it was difficult to retain talent and difficult for employees—and the company—to grow.

Solution: CHG’s transformation started as an initiative to reduce turnover by seeking to understand the issues that caused a significant portion of strong workers to leave each year. Company leaders chose to focus on the value of their people, and out of that idea came their “Putting People First” program.  Among other related initiatives, they determined they needed to collect feedback from their employees to find out what was really going on. They partnered with DecisionWise to implement an annual employee engagement survey.

"At its core, culture is a set of beliefs and values that guide how we treat each other. Our number one core value is called 'putting people first' and it really defines how we try to create an environment where our employees thrive."

Scott Beck | CEO, CHG Heathcare

Thanks, in part, to feedback, CHG realized it needed to focus on solid and strong leadership to drive an effective, healthy culture. This led to the development of leadership competencies and the roll-out of 360-degree feedback and coaching for all leaders in the organization.

Results: CHG is at the top of our list of engaged organizations, with an incredible engagement score that consistently exceeds 90 percent (that means 90 percent of survey question responses are favorable). They have ranked as high as No. 3 on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list, in the same league as titans like Google and SAS. They are the most profitable company in the healthcare staffing industry. Turnover is less than half the industry average, and CHG even managed to grow revenue and profits during the 2008–2011 recession while their industry peers saw profitability plummet. Not only is CHG a great place to work, but their business results have skyrocketed.

“We were able to retain 86% of our employees last year, which is the best in the healthcare industry. We listen to the feedback that they have and we’re continually trying to improve and incorporate that into our everyday business.”

Steven Huff | Talent Acquisition Manager, CHG Healthcare
Healthcare Staffing and Recruiting Services




$1.6 Billion (2018)



Workers Placed

14,000 (in 2018)

Solutions Used

Employee Engagement Surveys
Pulse Surveys
360-degree Feedback
Leadership Coaching

Founded in 1979, CHG Healthcare Services is one of the nation’s oldest and largest healthcare staffing firms. Through its trusted brands – CompHealth, Weatherby Healthcare, RNnetwork and Foundation Medical Staffing – the company provides temporary and permanent placement of physicians, allied health professionals and nurses to healthcare facilities across America. CHG prides itself on having a values-driven culture that focuses on Putting People First.

Ranked No. 34 on Forbes’ 2019 list of  “America’s Best Midsized Employers”

Ranked No. 19 on PEOPLE magazine’s annual list of “50 Companies that Care.”