Comprehensive Leadership Assessment

Few organizations have a clear picture of the talent that exists across their organization. Those that are the best performers in their current positions may or may not have what it takes to succeed at the next level or the level after that. Unfortunately, this often leads to the “Promotion to Incompetence” syndrome that plagues many organizations today. Additionally, many employees do not receive the focused development they need to be successful, engaged, and fully contributing.

The DecisionWise Talent Assessment Process (TAP) provides a comprehensive picture of organizational and individual talent. We analyze those factors most critical to success in your organization, and develop a process to assess the talent in your organization based on these factors. Using various assessments, behavioral interviewing, and in-depth analysis, the Talent Assessment Process provides you with a clear understanding of the level of talent that exists across your organization.

Talent Assessment Process Overview

At DecisionWise, we understand the importance of succession planning and retaining key talent. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of talent, and help you identify future leaders. We also provide coaching to prepare leaders for key positions. The DecisionWise Talent Assessment Process includes the following elements:

  • Position and Competency Analysis
  • Leadership Assessments
  • Talent Interviews by a DecisionWise Consultant
  • Talent Matrix Report to rank order candidates
  • Talent Review Meetings to determine development paths
  • Leadership Coaching to develop candidates for future roles

1. Competency Development

DecisionWise specializes in helping organizations develop and refine their leadership competencies. Since each organization is different, it is important that leaders are evaluated using a unique set of competencies that are relevant to their job performance and can be readily observed by others in the workplace. The best competencies are created by observing the top performing leaders in the organization and identifying HOW they lead others. Competencies are further defined by identifying specific behaviors that represent each competency. Our competency development process includes a competency survey and workshops with senior leaders.

2. Assessment Options

To obtain the most clear and objective picture possible of a given leader’s future potential and performance, DecisionWise consultants conduct a battery of assessments and comprehensive talent interviews. DecisionWise holds all necessary certifications to be an expert administrator of many leading psychometric assessments. Additionally, DecisionWise maintains close working partnerships with several organizations that develop psychometric assessment content.

Every leader evaluation is measured differently, based on the individual, cultural and workplace factors and varying client requirements. In order to create the most effective battery of assessments possible, DecisionWise experts in I/O psychology meet with the client and carefully review and select each assessment to be used. DecisionWise bases this selection on 2 criteria: which factors will be assessed (as identified by both the client and DecisionWise), and to what “depth” the participants need to be assessed. Typical assessments used in the process include:

  • DecisionWise Leadership Intelligence 360 Survey
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (personality preferences)
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument
  • Emotional Judgment Inventory (emotional intelligence)

3. Talent Interview

There are a number of competencies that cannot be measured via online assessment but can be captured through an extensive talent interview. Additionally, many of the results from online assessments can be further explored during the interview process.

A DecisionWise consultant will conduct a one-hour talent interview with each participant over the telephone to review on-the-job behavior. Before the call, the consultant reviews the results of all assessments to identify areas that will be discussed during the interview. The consultant probes to further identify areas of strength and weakness. Participants are rated across a standard scale used by each of our consultants conducting interviews. This allows for meaningful comparison across participants. However, our consultants are also trained to explore areas beyond standard questions in order to provide a more comprehensive understanding of potential.

4. Leadership Intelligence Profile (Individual Summary Report)

Results from each of the chosen assessments and the Talent Interview are summarized into a two-page report. The report includes written observations and recommendations by the consultant who conducted the Talent Interview. These reports are provided both to the individual and his or her manager.

5. Talent Matrix Report

The Talent Matrix Report compares scores and results for all candidates. A customized succession planning and talent management matrix will be developed based on the client’s needs. Each candidate will be placed in the matrix as determined by the talent review process and the subsequent talent review meeting.

6. Talent Review Meeting

A DecisionWise consultant will meet onsite to conduct a talent review meeting to discuss the candidate results. Participants in this meeting usually include senior leaders, the managers of the participants, and HR. During this meeting, the consultant discusses the results for each candidate after which the candidate’s manager provides additional background. The group then discusses where the participant fits in the talent management model.

7. Coaching

A DecisionWise coach meets with each participant to review the results from all the assessments and the Talent Interview. The coach helps the participant create a personal development plans and follows up to ensure they are successful.

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