Experience Consulting

Your guide to turn survey results into meaningful change

Our consulting advisory services help clients in the interpretation of data analysis and guide the strategic direction to create meaningful change. In short, we help turn data into action plans.

Ongoing Advisory & Client Success

  • Best practices for rollout
  • Communicating results
  • Creating action plans
  • Rolling out reports
  • Building a culture of engagement
  • Progress evaluation & accountability
  • Data review & customer support
  • Scheduled check-ins

Engagement Summit

During an onsite working session, a senior consultant(s) guides/facilitates key stakeholders through exercises to:
  1. Review results and identify key themes / opportunities
  2. Prioritize themes according to importance, impact, and feasibility, (selecting a critical few for action planning)
  3. Develop sustainable & meaningful action plans and milestones

Engagement Summit​ Outcomes

At the end of the Engagement Summit, leaders can expect to walk away having achieved the following outcomes:
  1. Prioritization of themes and initiatives for the next year
  2. Defined and measurable milestones for success
  3. Alignment of sponsors to specific initiatives
  4. Outside accountability and continued consulting