5 Ways to Move Forward from Negative 360 Degree Review

The Harvard Business Review recently published an article by Amy Gallo: “Bouncing Back from a Negative 360-Degree Review.” In the article, Gallo addresses five ways to effectively move forward in the face of a negative 360 degree review:

  1. Reflect before reacting: Don’t do anything until you’ve let the results of your 360-degree feedback settle in your mind. Let time take the edge off the initial emotion that is inevitable after receiving negative feedback. Try to place the feedback into the context of your work environment and feedback you have received before.
  2. Avoid a witch hunt: Never search out where the negative feedback may be coming from. Sometimes, you may find clues indentifying who said what. Try not to read into the clues. Let the survey be anonymous as it was intended to be and take the feedback as cohesive feedback rather than interpreting specific data points.
  3. Decide what to respond to: Trying to process and change every piece of feedback from a 360 assessment can be overwhelming and also ineffective. Prioritize what is most affecting your leadership abilities and target those issues first.
  4. Talk with your manager or team: Avoid trying to process the assessment in solitude. The feedback came from your work community. Use their further insights and suggestions in deciding how to proceed. Be open to their responses.
  5. Commit to Change: The decision to change is the most important part of receiving a negative 360 degree review. Using the assessment as a catalyst for change essentially transforms the results from a negative distracter into a motivator and a positive development tool.

Read more: article in the Harvard Business Review.
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