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DEI Discussion Starter Questions

Use this handout to help start conversations within your organization, understand where you are at with your DEI efforts, and identify what changes need to be made.

Infographic: How to Be a Diversity-Minded Leader

We all know that diversity is an asset to any organization with a range of opinions, experiences, and feedback, but hiring a diverse workforce is only the first step. In order to retain a diverse workforce and ensure an exceptional employee experience for all, an organization needs to train its managers to be diversity-minded leadership.

Download this infographic for 3 steps you and those of your organization can take to become a diversity-minded leader.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion:
Discussion Starter Questions

Our Own Department/Team Awareness

Our Work: Assignments, Decisions

  • What are our team’s blind spots? How
    should we identify our team’s blind spots?
  •  Do we have a shared definition of
    belonging, equity, and inclusion? How
    about bias, inequity, and non-inclusion?
  • How are we using output from HR Pulse
    surveys, engagement surveys, employee
    suggestions, and exit interviews to create
    positive change within our
  • What new “diversity factors” has COVID- 19 introduced? (Home-schooling parents, family members with special health needs
    or other at-risk factors, etc.)
  • What is our team doing to embrace
    diversity of backgrounds, thoughts, beliefs
    and experiences in our decision-making processes?
  • Are our project teams diverse, not just in
    terms of race, age, sex, but also tenure &
  • Is work fairly distributed within our
    department, or do we tend to assign new
    deliverables to the person who will get
    them done fastest?
  • How do we ensure that our quieter/less
    assertive team members feel comfortable
    speaking up and sharing their ideas?

Our Team Composition, Development, & Rewards:

Our Products & Services:

  • What are we doing to actively grow our
    team’s diversity and inclusion practices?
  • Is our department hiring and promoting
    the candidates with the best qualifications
    regardless of race, age, sex, appearance?
  • Are we fair and equitable in our team’s
    compensation and merit increases? How is
    our team encouraging individualism, or are
    we mentoring people to be “like me?”
  • Are newer associates within our team
    getting opportunities to learn and stretch
    themselves in ways that allow professional
  • Are we working toward delivery of
    products and services that address the
    needs of all customers, including diverse
    and future desired customer segments?
  • Do our department’s promotional
    materials reflect diverse groups?

Our Team Commitment:

  • What are two best practices for
    workplace inclusion that we want to adopt
    (or reinforce if we are already doing it)?