Employee Engagement in the Restaurant Industry

In our recent employee engagement benchmark study, we compared data from several employee engagement surveys from 11 restaurant brands and discovered that the aggregate restaurant engagement scores run parallel to our overall engagement benchmark. This is in some ways a surprise, given the high turnover rates of restaurants. Many assume that restaurants’ engagement levels should be lower.
If restaurant managers were asked to estimate the general engagement level of their employees, their minds would probably jump immediately to employees who come in late, call in sick, complain about customers, and wear sloppy uniforms. But as proven by our benchmark study, restaurants, like most companies, have a significant segment of employees who are excellent at their jobs and simply work without complaint.
But often, in restaurants, the negative employees cloud the vision of employees who love their work. Here are comments that reflect the view of more employees than you might think. These comments are answers to the question, “What do you like about working at [your company]:

  • I love the company, I think the management team is great. And I think of the people I work with as family and the management team gives positive feedback.
  • They give me the opportunity to know the people better. And we serve quality food
  • The customers are great and make me feel proud
  • I feel I have rightfully earned the staff’s and management’s trust and it is valued
  • That we all help each other when we need it most
  • how we organize ourselves in the mornings in order to work in a peaceful environment
  • My manager treats everyone equally
  • That it’s a place that allows me to learn new things every day, besides being a high quality restaurant.
  • The environment, great company to work for, been here for 5 years and many more to come
  • The environment and to leave a smile in our guest faces.
  • Flexible hours, great people, fun place to work
  • It satisfies me to do my job well and when [my manager] comes to look at my accomplishments.
  • Love working with certain managers & co-workers. The people that work hard, work as a team & who have fun doing it.
  • Speak up, respect, opportunities
  • Meet new people… Talk with the customers. I like to learn.
  • The organization that the cooks have, but what I like the most is the opportunity you have given me to develop as a person. Thanks!

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