How Do You Know if Someone is Coachable?

It’s worthless to coach someone if they aren’t going to change and improve. But how do you know if the person will change? How do you know if someone is coachable?
We’ve found that a person must progress through each of the following steps in order to make behavior changes. If the person being coached gets stuck on one of the steps, they must stay there until it is accomplished.

  1. Reaction: The person responds positively to feedback. They express a willingness to be coached through both words and actions.
  2. Self-Awareness: They demonstrate an awareness of the situation and recognize the gaps between the desired state and the current state. One of the best ways to create self-awareness is through a 360-degree feedback survey.
  3. Behavioral Change: They make the change from the current state to the desired state. You, and others they work with, notice a change in specific behaviors.
  4. Performance: In the end, the new behavior improves performance in a real and measurable way.

A coach is used to guide someone through this progression, but each step must be accomplished before attempting the next. When coaching individuals, watch for this progression to define the person’s potential and progress.
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