White Paper: How Growth Drives Employee Engagement

The five keys to unlocking the power of employee engagement are Meaning, Autonomy, GROWTH, Impact, and Connection (ENGAGEMENT MAGIC®). Download this PDF that dives into how GROWTH drives employee engagement. The PDF will help explain:

  • Growth is about challenge and trying new things in order to progress professionally and personally.
  • It’s a universal human need and that’s not necessarily linked to advancement or job promotion.
  • Organizations must carefully balance challenges that stimulate and excite while not pushing employees into anxiety and apprehension.
  • Growth consists of beneficial stress (eustress) or harmful stress (distress).
  • People tend to deliver their best when their best is required.
  • Who tends to resist growth opportunities?
  • Zero growth opportunities equals disengagement, apathetic employees, and attrition.
  • Consistent growth opportunities will cause most people to engage in their work.

Download the PDF, How Growth Drives Employee Engagement and master one of the five keys toward unlocking the power of employee engagement.

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