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How Growth Drives Employee Engagement

The five keys to unlocking the power of employee engagement are Meaning, Autonomy, GROWTH, Impact, and Connection (ENGAGEMENT MAGIC®). Download this PDF that dives into how GROWTH drives employee engagement. The PDF will help explain:
  • Growth is about challenge and trying new things in order to progress professionally and personally.
  • It’s a universal human need and that’s not necessarily linked to advancement or job promotion.
  • Organizations must carefully balance challenges that stimulate and excite while not pushing employees into anxiety and apprehension.
  • Growth consists of beneficial stress (eustress) or harmful stress (distress).
  • People tend to deliver their best when their best is required.
  • Who tends to resist growth opportunities?
  • Zero growth opportunities equals disengagement, apathetic employees, and attrition.
  • Consistent growth opportunities will cause most people to engage in their work.
how growth drives employee engagement white paper

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