White Paper: How to Choose the Best HR Software Tools

HR technology is exploding exponentially. There are more choices than ever to help the HR professional manage what is becoming an increasingly important business function. Whether you are buying a complex HR information system or looking to implement a time and attendance solution, making the right technology choice is critical. We have prepared this guide to assist the HR professional in making the right HR technology decision.

What Type of Technology Do You Need– Strategic or Process Improvement?


In most cases, HR technology is designed to take an existing process and either automate the workflow or improve the way the business process functions. For example, prior to employee HR self-service portals, the existing process was to provide employees with information through physical documents (printed notices and letters), posters, PDFs, and other electronic files. Now, an employee can logon to a website where they will find all sorts of relevant information about their employment relationship. We call this type of software – Process Improvement Technology.

The other primary category of HR technology involves breaking new ground by accomplishing new things or completely reinventing how we handle historic HR tasks. For example, data analysis that helps companies predict future workforce shortages is helping the HR function in ways that are new and innovative. This type of technology is best described as Strategic Technology. While both Process Improvement and Strategic Technologies are exciting and offer significant benefits, Strategic Technology is game-changing because it doesn’t just make the HR function better, it contributes to the organization’s overall success. Strategic Technology provides a return on investment (ROI) that is real and significant. Strategic Technology moves a company forward by solving fundamental business needs, not just handling personnel issues.


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