Improvement Trends in Employee Engagement

Much has been written about the significant declines in employee engagement levels as a result of the economic downturn, but little has been suggested about the gains that have been made in engagement for the past 3 years.  DecisionWise surveys close to 500,000 employees each year and has found that organizations are doing some things right and it is paying off.

Trends in Employee Engagement

For example, since 2007 favorable employee perceptions about how much recognition they receive has increased 22%.  Many of the organizations that we partner with have made recognition of employee achievements a priority, even during an economic downturn.  Other bright-spots include a 16% increase in employee perceptions of their team effectiveness, and a 16% rise in the number of employees who feel that their talents and abilities are being fully utilized in their current position.


These trends suggest that there are a number of organizations that are still focused on retaining and engaging their workforce.  Our trending research also shows that those organizations that use data from an employee engagement survey to capitalize on strengths while making changes see the greatest benefits from the process.

If you were to list the factors in your organization that are drivers of engagement, what would they be?

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