Infographic: 5 Tips for Coaching Employees and Providing Feedback

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1. Define Your Role as a coach

Create a safe environment. Help them define and verbalize their answers, directions, and actions.

2. Be curious. Seek to understand.

“Tell me more.”

“What’s happening?”

3. Observe What is Heard and Seen

Focus on just the facts. Share what you observe, providing a judgment-less summary.

“Here is what I heard you say…”

“So it sounds like you are…. or want to…”

4. Validate What is Felt

Share the emotion and acknowledge it.

“I can see why you might say that…”

“It makes sense that you would feel…. given what you have shared.”

5. Empower What is Possible

Forward the thinking. Explore options, showing faith and optimism.

“So what’s next?”

“What could improve this?”

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