Infographic: 7 Benefits of 360-Degree Feedback

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360-degree feedback surveys benefit leadership, teams, and the entire organization immediately. By providing a safe, confidential, and reliable way for colleagues to provide feedback, a company gains valuable, actionable insights into current leadership, teams, and overall health of the organization.

Here are 7 benefits your organization will receive by participating in 360-degree feedback.

1. Increase Self-Awareness

Self-awareness means UNDERSTANDING your personality, including your strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, motivations, thoughts, and emotions.

Our research shows people generally score themselves lower than their supervisor and their direct reports score them. Wouldn’t it be nice to know people think HIGHER of you than you think of yourself?

2. Clarifies Behaviors

The very act of asking about behaviors teaches what is IMPORTANT to the organization. Additionally, it allows you to see if you are FOCUSING superfluous effort on a behavior you are already doing well, possibly at the expense of improving a weaker behavior.

3. Measures How Things Get Done

Opposed to measuring “what” gets done. Nothing is ever a guarantee. By focusing on PROCESS, you are giving yourself the best probability of creating the desired outcome.

There is also the added bonus of REPEATABILITY and PREDICTABILITY.

4. Promotes Dialogue

Dialogue is the first step in moving from measurement to improvement. Ideally, that dialogue would EXPLORE strengths and weaknesses and continue with goals and a plan for IMPROVEMENT.

In addition to a supervisor, the dialogue might also include peers and employees, if appropriate.

5. Improves Working Relationships

Performance feedback is something that is often one-sided or altogether missing. By introducing a RECIPROCAL exchange of feedback into a relationship, another touch point for SUPPORT is created.

6. Encourages Personal Development

Honest and reliable feedback is necessary to test one’s PERCEPTIONS, recognize overlooked strengths, and expose perceptual blind-spots. By providing easy, digestible areas to EXAMINE, leaders will naturally grasp onto them in order to continue their improvement.

7. Increases Accountability

The enemy of accountability is AMBIGUITY. You can’t tell someone to “be a better leader” without providing specifics. 360-degree feedback surveys CLARIFY behaviors and allow you to make a judgment on whether or not that behavior was demonstrated.

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