Infographic: 7 Myths About Employee Engagement (and the Facts Behind Them)

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1. Myth: Engagement is About People Working Harder

FACT: Engagement is about people being INSPIRED and working SMARTER, more CREATIVELY, more MINDFULLY, and more EFFICIENTLY. Although for some this may mean working longer hours, the true result of engagement is greater overall contribution.

2. Myth: Engagement is About Happy Employees

FACT: Happiness and satisfaction are transitory because they’re dependent on external factors: how much you’re paid, if you like the people on your team, and so on. Engagement is about both FEELING and ACTING. Having happy employees is a great objective, but engagement means doing something as a result.

3. Myth: Engagement is About Extracting More From Workers

FACT: Employees are not a strip mine. Engagement is about EMPOWERING and INSPIRING employees to dedicate more of their own accord. It’s a departure from the traditional command-and-control structure, which is why so many managers find it difficult to implement.

4. Myth: The Same Things Will Engage Everyone

FACT: People (and organizations) engage differently based on what matters to them. That’s why it’s a fool’s errand to create engagement programs based on specific incentives or activities. Effective engagement initiatives CREATE THE CONDITIONS in which employees can find and EXPRESS WHAT MATTERS to them.

5. Myth: Everyone Wants To Engage

FACT: Though we believe that most healthy human beings want and need to engage, some people will always refuse. ENGAGEMENT IS A CHOICE, and in every organization there will always be people who choose to remain disengaged, regardless of the environment created by the organization.

6. Myth: Disengaged Employees Will Leave

FACT: Many disengaged employees will stay but experience burnout, a prime symptom of disengagement. It’s not just working hard and feeling overwhelmed. It’s where you actually FEEL DETACHED and depersonalized from your work. You’re on automatic pilot most of the time, EMOTIONALLY SPENT, and your anxiety level is off the charts. Burned-out employees may sleepwalk through their duties, decline to share information, or detract from the effectiveness of those around them.

7. Myth: Engagement Makes Leaders Obsolete

FACT: Engagement requires LESS MANAGEMENT but MORE LEADERSHIP. Engaged employees are self- starters who don’t need coercion or managers looking over their shoulders in order to produce excellent work. In fact, LEADERS ARE KEY in creating an environment in which employees choose to engage.


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