The Program

The DecisionWise Leadership Lens 100-day Coaching Program is designed to empower individuals to make key behavioral changes that will positively impact themselves, their teams, and their organizations. Based on proven coaching methodologies, the process leverages the learning gained during an initial 360-degree feedback debrief into robust action planning and quick follow through. Using the DecisionWise model of Awareness, Action, and Accountability, each scheduled coaching call includes the same three elements, thereby establishing a pattern of learning, application, and reinforcement of new behaviors.

Process overview

To support the individual leader’s growth and development, the coach facilitates increased self-awareness, promotes the constructive use of feedback, and provides support and accountability for committed action. The process first creates cognitive space between actions and automatic reactions to give the individual the opportunity to observe and reflect on the impact and consequences of current behaviors. Then the process creates leadership development momentum through learning loops, personalized tips, and time-tested tools. During each session, the coach helps the leader achieve a new level of self-awareness, provides assignments, and evaluates progress. This rigorous coaching process is designed to achieve specific behavior changes that will have an immediate impact on the leader’s performance and the engagement of the team.


  • Multiple psychometric assessment tools
  • Bi-weekly scheduled calls with coach
  • Unlimited access to coach through email and leader-initiated phone calls
  • Follow-up calls with supervisor as appropriate
  • Action planner, workbook, and supplemental materials supplied by coach
  • Optional: Half-day initial onsite coaching session
Leadership Lens Coaching

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