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Employee Engagement
Survey Software

Experience why the Leadership Intelligence® System is the
most advanced employee engagement software & online
reporting tool in the industry.

View our customizable reports.

Understand the overall level of engagement in your organization or on a specific team, with categories that go beyond engaged/disengaged. You’ll see what is driving employee engagement for your most engaged employees and what is inhibiting your disengaged employees. The compare tab lets you see which departments have the most engaged employees. Sort by various engagement levels and compare engagement scores by any demographic category.

Employees and leaders intuitively know that when we find a place where we can throw our hearts, spirits, minds, and hands into our work, we enjoy our work and produce better results. Meaning, Autonomy, Growth, Impact, and Connection are five leadership elements that build engaged employees. See how your organization is measuring in each of these 5 categories. Filter to departments and teams to see who is creating ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® within your organization.

See a detailed, sortable ranking of scores across all survey questions or by groups of questions. Questions can be ranked according to most favorable, least favorable, and other criteria. Change the graph type to see average score, favorable scores, or a range of scores. Export your data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Quickly see your highest and lowest performing departments. Drill down to sub-departments and apply filters for dimensions or locations to identify your organization’s biggest areas of improvement.
Understand the overall risk of attrition within your organization or on a specific team. The Attrition Index segments your employees into 4 categories: Fully Committed, Content, Undecided, or High Potential for Turnover. Filter the results by demographics for a deeper understanding of your results. The system will automatically display the positive and negative perceptions of each group based on other survey items.

Engagement Summary

The Leadership Intelligence System (LIS) summary provides detailed, dynamic, and engaging data summary from all survey results. Quickly find your overall favorable score, participation roles, results by category, highs and lows, and your engagement index. Click on any link to dive deeper into the data.