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Manager Engagement

Engaged managers produce engaged employees.

When managers are engaged, the data is clear: team members are far more likely to enjoy a positive employee experience and elevated levels of employee engagement.

What Role Does a Manager Play in Employee Engagement?

DecisionWise CEO, Tracy Maylett, Ed.D., shares 3 ways a manager can have an impact on engagement with their employees.

Creating Conditions for Engagement

Employee engagement is something every business leader would like to cultivate in large supply.  Yet, a manager can’t simply order an employee engagement refill like they can with copy toner.  Instead, managers and leaders must create the conditions that promote and foster employee engagement. 

For the better part of two decades, HR professionals have been talking about employee engagement and exploring the connection between engaged employees and improved business outcomes.  DecisionWise has been there along the way, helping numerous organizations measure and improve their employee engagement. 

Yet, during this process, we discovered that employee engagement is not a collection of knobs and dials that can be configured to produce happy and committed employees.  Instead, employee engagement is an outcome – a manifestation of a well-run organization.

Building a Strong Employee Experience

This observation led us to that obvious question: what then is the foundation of a well-run organization?  It is a deliberate and effective employee experience, which is a purpose-built culture that enhances each organization’s unique workforce and mission. 

While you can’t necessarily create or directly manipulate engagement, you can build a strong employee experience – an experience that attracts the right talent, helps people do great work, and gives them a reason to become engaged.  If you are looking to improve your business results, we strongly suggest you focus on building the right employee experience for your team. 

The Cost of a Bad Manager

According to DecisionWise research, employees with a negative perception of their manager leave the company at a rate of 56% more than usual. With the high costs of turnover, bad managers can cost your company thousands or even millions of dollars!  Care to find out how much turnover is costing your organization?

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