March 18, 2022

Welcome to our revamped newsletter! In the past, our newsletter featured some content and a few announcements from DecisionWise. We are changing things up a bit, and we hope to bring you a newsletter that will make you want to spend 10 minutes each week reading it. As an aside, our first section is titled, “Brilliant on the Basics” and will focus on tips and articles to help you focus on those principles that are vital in leading people. This section’s title references a program adopted by the U.S. Navy. More information on what the Navy is doing can be found here.

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Brilliant on the Basics

Flexible working arrangements are doing more than improving sales for sweatpants. Fundamentally, remote working arrangements are making it harder to recruit talent. Now, anyone can compete for talent anywhere. To illustrate, let’s consider how it’s impacting us here at DecisionWise.

Historically, if someone wanted to stay in the intermountain west, we were their logical choice. We had our pick of candidates because there was a consistent pool of candidates who wanted to stay nearby. Now, these same employees can live locally but work almost anywhere. Our competition has just become companies in Georgia, Texas, and California, to name but a few.

So, what can be done to help organizations attract and retain the best candidates? Here are few tips to consider:

  • Understand your organization’s “why” and seek those who share this exact same why.
  • Be clear about your employee value proposition; survey your current employees to find out what keeps them around (their answers will likely surprise you). Here is a great perspective on what to ask team members.
  • Don’t just list your traditional features and benefits, tell your unique story. Good marketers understand that highlighting features and benefits won’t get you very far. Instead, paint a picture and tell a compelling story. Do the same with your candidates. Paint for them a picture of success; tell them a story of how they will do great things within your organization.
  • Respect your candidates and their choices. Be both transparent and professional. It’s a two-way street, everyone needs to up their game.
  • Find your ace(s) in the hole. Here in Utah, we have long been able to rely on our built-in geographical advantages – access to the outdoors, great skiing, a place that seems like it was purpose-built to be an outdoor playground. We assumed candidates understood these amenities. Now, we are hoping to do a better job helping candidates envision themselves not only in a cubicle, but also on a river in one of Utah’s stunning national forests.

In summary, to up your chances of attracting and retaining the best talent, know your organization’s why, understand your EVP, and seek to leverage your built-in advantages.

Our featured discussion this week showcases four new content hubs that we recently launched. These content hubs are comprehensive and thoughtful. They are designed to be your go-to-resource to answer all your questions surrounding these four topics:

Each content hub provides in-depth information about the underlying science and the best practices needed to both measure and understand the core areas that comprise the Employee Experience.

We have kept promotional information in these content hubs to a minimum. We are confident you will want to bookmark these pages for future reference. Happy reading!

What’s Happening at DecisionWise


We want to let our readers know that we have an online training that teaches the basics of our Engagement MAGIC® model. “This is another great step forward for DecisionWise,” said Tracy Maylett, Ed.D, CEO of DecisionWise. “Our research is clear that employee engagement is most influential at the team level, and the manager of that team has a significant impact on the engagement levels of the team. We have been successfully providing this world-class training in live workshop settings for several years, and now we are thrilled to offer it in an online format.” 



Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Time: 1:00pm Eastern / 10:00 am Pacific

Presenters: Charles Rogel, VP of Consulting, Decisionwise; David Long, COO, DecisionWise;

Cost: Free

Join us as we review our 2021 global employee survey benchmarks and discuss the major trends and changes impacting the employee experience. DecisionWise COO, David Long, and VP of Consulting Services, Charles Rogel, will summarize the major topics of 2021 and provide predictions on what to expect and plan for in 2022 as it relates to employee engagement.

Topics we will cover in this session:

  • What is influencing the Great Resignation?
  • Work from Home vs. Return to Office: What is the right mix?
  • The growing importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • How has the pandemic impacted organization culture?
  • How has collaboration changed with employees working from home?


HR News Roundup 

  • Josh Bersin argues that because of labor conditions, the best way to ensure continued growth is by redesigning the organization. Do you agree? Article
  • This is an interesting look at how we can start using the gig economy in our workforce planning efforts. Ultimately what is needed is access to talent. This doesn’t always have to look like an employee sitting in an office or cubicle. Other relationships have the potential to provide businesses with what they need but inside a different wrapper. Article
  • We have all been there. Hoping to be funny, we say something that goes terribly awry. This just happened to a Toronto company who placed welcome-back signs for its employees, and they totally missed the mark. Just another reminder to make sure your messaging respects your employees. Article
  • The Drucker Institute released its list of top 250 companies for Employee Engagement and Development. This is a who’s-who of great companies and much can be learned from examining what these organizations are doing well. Article
  • Here is a look at the need for psychological safety in creating the right culture/Employee Experience. Article

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