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Build an Engaged Organization

Does your current employee experience promote effective business performance and deliver a strong ROI? Learn more about solutions and best practices to help you produce real results

Improve employee engagement at the organization level

If you are responsible for employee engagement at the organization level, then you know how challenging it can be to implement meaningful, effective programs. In particular, many HR professionals and executives find it difficult to move past the survey process. They feel like they are managing the same thing each year, without much improvement.

Enhance your efforts by creating an employee engagement roadmap that defines a balanced approach to employee engagement. Your roadmap will focus on how your organization’s programs can help improve the five key elements to employee engagement: Meaning, Autonomy, Growth, Impact, and Connection (the MAGIC Keys).

For example, let us help you design an employee performance review process that promotes growth and development, while at the same time holding your employees accountable in doing their job.

A leader engaging with her team
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Enhance Your employee engagement efforts with our turnkey products

While we will work with you to personalize your employee engagement roadmap, we also have ready-to-go products that can help you get started quickly, and which will help you with much of the heavy lifting.

Start with our surveys and assessments. They are research-based and ready to give you the analytics you need. We offer both annual and pulse survey options. Tap into the power of our ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® model to give you a strong framework for understanding, discussing, designing, and measuring employee engagement.

Let us help you discover and attract the talent needed to build and lead and engaged workforce.

Navigate the unknown with the help of our advisory services


While many of our products are turnkey (hand over the project to us and we’ll take care of the rest), you still need a trusted advisor to help you design and improve your employee engagement initiatives. We offer years of experience with hundreds of clients to help inform your decision making.