Performance Review

Measure and improve employee performance for success

Employees deserve to know where they are succeeding and where they need help and improvement.  Employees should be measured, however, against themselves and not against others.  We like to think of performance reviews as performance achievement.

Using 360 Evaluations for Performance Appraisal

The DecisionWise 360 for Appraisal is a customized multi-rater assessment process designed specifically for use in the evaluation of employee performance. Based on over 15 years of performance management research, these assessments combine the power of 360 evaluations with traditional performance appraisal to provide a more comprehensive picture of individual performance.

Advantages of 360 Evaluations for Appraisal

Once used almost strictly for development, 360 surveys are proven to be a valuable option for performance appraisal. Using 360 performance appraisals carries with it some significant advantages:

Working with DecisionWise

Our online 360 assessment system allows for fast and easy access to the survey and report. As DecisionWise handles the survey design, setup, and administration, our client partners quickly find the process results in a higher degree of performance appraisal completion, greater confidentiality, targeted and actionable feedback, and a worry-free administration process with no expensive software to purchase, install, and support.

A DecisionWise 360 assessment and consulting team will guide your organization through the 360 evaluation process. We can even help your supervisors understand how to interpret, debrief, and coach their employees on the results, which creates in a greater level of development and action.

Using 360 Evaluations for Performance Appraisal

Despite the tremendous value that can be gained by using 360 performance evaluations, there are some important considerations:

  • A 360 evaluation for appraisal is different from a 360 survey for development. Off-the-shelf surveys typically do not take this into consideration.
  • A multi-rater appraisal addresses both what was done and how it was done.
  • Communication prior to beginning the process should be very clear, providing guidance on the how and why of the process.

When used for evaluation, in particular, it’s important that the entire process be considered- not just the tool. Our DecisionWise teams are the experts in the use of 360 assessments for both appraisal and development.

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