Podcast: Expectation Alignment Dysfunction – The Employee Experience Book, Chapter 3

Expectation Alignment Dysfunction

Listen as co-author of the book, The Employee Experience: How to Attract Talent, Retain Top Performers, and Drive Results, Matthew Wride, J.D., P.H.R. explains the premise of chapter 3, “Ask Your Doctor About Expectation Alignment Dysfunction.”

In this brief podcast episode, co-author Matthew Wride explains the meaning of “Expectation Alignment Dysfunction (EAD).” The book defines Expectation Alignment as, “the level to which employees’ expectations for their experience in the workplace line up with their perceived, actual experiences.”

Matthew explains that without Expectation Alignment, a transformational EX cannot be built and that unknown expectations creates a gap. Wride explains, “Remember that just because you think expectations are clear doesn’t necessarily mean that they are clear to employees, or that expectations are aligned.

Chapter 3 of the book discusses the “Six Pillars of Expectation Alignment.” Read more to learn what these essential pillars are and how they can align your employee/employer expectations.

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