Podcast: Having a Strong Customer Focus

In this podcast episode, DecisionWise Sr. Consultant and Executive Coach, Dan Deka, discusses what it means to have a strong customer focus.

As a business, you don’t exist without customers. It’s absolutely imperative to build and maintain a strong relationship with them. Treat them the same way you would a close friend. If you can’t answer their question or concern in one email, pick up the phone and call them. The more interactions you can have with them, the stronger the relationship becomes.

One critical part of having great customer service is listening. “Sometimes we want to solve their problem so badly that we try to immediately fix it and we don’t listen,” says Dan Deka. “Make sure to really slow down and address what they really need. Listen, observe, validate, and then pursue actions. Treat them with compassion and thoughtfulness. ”

Learn more about these concepts and ideas for creating a strong customer focus in this insightful conversation.

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