Podcast: How Managers Can Increase Engagement with Their Teams – ENGAGEMENT MAGIC

In this podcast, Dr. Tracy Maylett and Charles Rogel review the concepts behind ENGAGEMENT MAGIC, including the research behind the five keys of engagement, and provide answers to the following questions:

  • How can being engaged personally benefit employees and organizations?
  • What is the difference between engagement and satisfaction?
  • How does each of the five ENGAGEMENT MAGIC elements help increase engagement?
  • How do you enable your employees to take ownership of their own engagement?
  • Where does engagement fit into the overall employee experience, and can managers foster an engaging work environment?

As a special bonus, we’ll also provide an inside look at our new ENGAGEMENT MAGIC online training option.

The audio for this podcast is taken from a webinar, “ENGAGEMENT MAGIC – How Managers Can Increase Engagement with Their Teams.”

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