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Prescriptive Recommendations

Help managers learn best practices to build exceptional employee experiences.

DecisionWise offers a prescriptive recommendations library to help managers learn how to build exceptional employee experiences.  This library contains curated content that encourages managers to think about, learn, and implement strategies for driving engagement through the employee experience. Our recommendations library consists of DecisionWise best practices along with influential articles, TED Talks, videos, etc.

Benefits of Prescriptive Recommendations

  • Content is individualized for each manager
  • Focuses managers on 2 or 3 items
  • Helps manager understand their role in creating an engaged environment

The Impact of Employee Engagement

Organizations around the globe spend millions of dollars annually measuring and attempting to improve employee engagement, all in hopes of increasing revenue and profitability. Yet, you can’t directly impact employee engagement. Employee engagement is an outcome of the right employee experience at both the organizational and team levels.

Why Employee Engagement?

We define employee engagement as “an emotional state where employees feel passionate, energetic, and committed to their work. In all interactions, employees give their hearts, spirits, minds, and hands to deliver a high level of performance to the organization.” While employees must both learn and choose to be engaged at work, management directly impacts the employees’ desire and ability to be engaged.

In his book, What made Jack Welch Jack Welch: How Ordinary People Become Extraordinary Leaders, Stephen Baum suggests that “Leadership boils down to some very simple-not rocket science-ideas: character, confidence, critical thinking and the ability to engage other people.” In our view, however, engaging people comes by building meaningful employee experiences.

Speak with one of our experts to explore how our prescriptive recommendations can help your organization.