Study Finds 51% of Executives Rank Employee Engagement as “Very Important”

A 2017 study by firm, DecisionWise finds 51% of executives rank employee engagement as “Very Important.” This year’s survey showed clear indication that the concepts of employee engagement have gained traction when it comes to the degree of importance in the minds of executive teams.

For the past two years, employee experience firm DecisionWise, has conducted its annual State of Employee Engagement Survey. This year’s survey showed clear indication that the concepts of employee engagement and the employee experience have gained traction when it comes to the degree of importance in the minds of executive teams. Of particular note was that this survey showed a 13.3% increase in the percentage of executives who view employee engagement as “very important” to their organizations, and a 35% increase among all managers when it comes to the same degree of importance. The study examined perceptions of employee engagement from over 150 organizations around the world.

Survey respondents consisted primarily of human resource managers who evaluated the importance of employee engagement to their executive teams and managers, based on actions and initiatives around engagement. Specifically, one of the questions asked of HR was: “Based on both what they say and do, how important is employee engagement to the executive team of your organization?” In 2016, 45% of respondents indicated that employee engagement was “very important,” compared to 51% in 2017—a 13.3 % increase. Additional responses for 2017 included the following ratings: 22% as “important,” 20% “somewhat important,” 6% “not at all important,” and 2% “don’t know.”

When asked about the importance of employee engagement to managers in their organization, the results showed a 35% increase for those indicating “very important” (29% in 2016 compared to 39% in 2017). Additional responses for 2017 included: 27% “important,” 26% “somewhat important,” 5% “not at all important,” and 3% “don’t know.”

DecisionWise Vice President of Marketing, Charles Rogel, who led the research team commented: “This study shows that employee engagement continues to increase in importance as leaders realize its impact on company performance. As executives lead employee engagement initiatives in their company, managers will lend their support to create an engaged workforce.”

Dr. David L. Mason, who leads the DecisionWise Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Data Science team, stated: “This is yet another indicator that executives are starting to ‘get it.’ Without executives leading the engagement charge, efforts to improve the employee experience generally fizzle, and show little, if any, organizational impact.”

The DecisionWise 2017 State of Employee Engagement study provides a comprehensive look at employee engagement best practices. It includes findings on perceptions of employee engagement, effectiveness of various programs, measurement best practices, ROI of engagement initiatives, and what the most engaged companies are doing differently. Download the 2017 State of Employee Engagement report here.

DecisionWise is a management consulting and survey firm specializing in leadership and organization development and employee engagement. DecisionWise services include employee engagement surveys, 360-degree feedback, leadership coaching, talent assessment, and organization development. With a primary mission to “Transform the Employee Experience,” DecisionWise was founded in 1996 and is privately held. With offices in the United States, DecisionWise operates in over 70 countries and conducts surveys in over 30 languages.

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