Podcast: Beyond Listening – Understanding and Embracing the Employee’s Voice

In this episode, we’re joined by a panel of DecisionWise consultants who discuss what managers can do to make sure their employees feel listened to and valued.

On our DecisionWise Employee Engagement Survey, we measure how well the organization is listening by asking the following questions to employees:

  • “I feel that I can share my ideas and opinions without fear of negative consequences.”
  • “We listen to and evaluate each other’s thoughts and opinions.”
  • “This organization values employees’ input, feedback, and suggestions.”
  • “The organization is responsive to ideas and suggestions for improvement.”

These insights help organizations to take action and create a more welcoming environment for ideas and opinions to be shared. Based on this data, our consultants share some ideas, stories and examples on what they’ve seen work for organizations.

This week’s episode was hosted by Cecily Jorgensen. Our panel of consultants includes Charles Rogel, Dan Hoopes, Beth Wilkins, Christian Nielson, and Dan Deka.