Podcast: ENGAGEMENT MAGIC – A Framework for Managers to Engage Their Employees

ENGAGEMENT MAGIC - Managers Engage Their Employees

Today on the Engaging People Podcast, we talk about proven ways to educate your organization about employee engagement and how to empower managers to create an environment where employees will choose to engage.

The creators of the framework of ENGAGEMENT MAGIC®, Senior Consultant, Charles Rogel, and DecisionWise CEO, Dr. Tracy Maylett, share the origins of the model, the research behind the “MAGIC” acronym, and how to use these keys to lead change and transformation in your organization.

Employee Engagement eLEARNING

Podcast: Managing the Employee Experience While Returning to Work

While many companies are ready to send people back to work, some leaders may feel a little unsure about resuming “business as usual,” or even the “new normal.”

How will employees view your back-to-work strategy? Will they come back engaged? Will you need to revisit certain aspects of your culture?

Today’s Engaging People Podcast episode will help you ease back into a more familiar work situation with confidence.

Listen to learn more about core employee experience principles, identify key return-to-work goals, and explore new tools and resources.

Podcast: Navigating Employee Burnout in a COVID-19 World

Employee burnout

Has living in a COVID-19 world left you or your team with emotional exhaustion, a reduced sense of personal accomplishment, feelings of cynicism and detachment from the job, or a sense of ineffectiveness?

On this episode of the Engaging People Podcast, we’re joined by DecisionWise President, Matt Wride, and Senior Consultants, Charles Rogel, and Spencer Taylor. As champions of caring leadership, they share 10 questions that we use on employee engagement surveys to measure employee burnout and workload.