Text Analytics

Turn written survey responses into actionable insights.

Our powerful text analytics software uses text mining and sentiment analysis to extract real insights from unstructured data across various channels. This allows you to identify issues and take action to reduce customer churn and grow sales.

The Benefits of Text Analytics

  • See what people are talking about
  • Drill-down from categories into specific comments
  • Analytical models can be improved over time and with increased use

Turn Text into Actionable Insights

The sheer scale and diversity of unstructured data sources is daunting. But those sources house valuable insights that can make an enormous difference in a competitive market. Ignoring them is not an option. They are critical to determine customer intent, keep abreast of vital market trends, or get early warning of product or service issues.

DecisionWise’s text analytics software, Genius, automates this cumbersome process and makes it possible for companies to gain actionable insights from text data so you can grow your business.

DecisionWise Genius: Advanced AI Text Analysis

DecisionWise’s text analytics software and tools provide categorization and sentiment analysis using AI techniques which include deep learning neural networks and natural language processing (NLP) to produce insights that matter most to your business. You can gain insight into what is being said across different business feedback channels. Then, analyze the true sentiment for the categories that suit your business across multiple sources, receive timely alerts about sentiment changes, and align those insights with key customer metrics.

In tests, Genius has delivered very high accuracy levels often exceeding 90% accuracy and outperforming human analysis.

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