The DecisionWise 360 Degree Feedback Platform

DecisionWise has been helping organizations create world-class employee experiences for nearly three decades. Over this time, we have witnessed a meaningful evolution in how we measure, interpret, and act on employee feedback. One thing that has not changed is the tremendous influence the manager has on creating a positive or negative employee experience.

Leader experiences (their own experiences and the experiences they create for others) are foundational in creating world-class employee experiences. 360-degree feedback is vital to this process as it establishes, measures, and monitors critical leadership competencies and behaviors.

Sadly, 360-degree feedback tools (360s) sometimes carry a bad reputation. Some organizations have used 360s as a weapon to punish less-effective managers or establish evidence to discipline employees. The misfortune in this approach is that many now avoid what is perhaps the most powerful tool available in creating a positive leader experience. 360s effectively drive the overall employee experience as they are specifically targeted at the key intersection of the employee and the manager. Organizations that fail to embrace 360-degree feedback as part of building a rich employee experience will be left behind.

DecisionWise has spent the last two years honing and revising our leadership competency library to reflect today’s leadership practices and has invested millions of dollars into building the strongest multi-rater technology in the world. Traditional survey technologies are unable to effectively setup, administer, and report on multi-rater assessments. The value behind this purpose-built technology and the science behind it, is that it is simple. Simple to set up, simple to administer, and simple to create reports and coach. Whether you need to assess 10 leaders or 10,000 leaders, the DecisionWise 360-Degree platform makes it simple!

Defining Expectation

Leadership competency models are foundational to the effectiveness of the DecisionWise 360-degree feedback platform. Whether you are using the DecisionWise competency model or your own, these competencies create the baseline for setting leadership expectations with your leaders. Our assessment builder functionality enables organizations to create targeted assessments based on the desired competency model. Assessments can vary between leadership function or organizational structure. Create leadership expectations that will drive successful organizational culture, whether for Executive Leaders, Vice Presidents, Team leads, or individual contributors. 

Measuring Leadership Competencies

We all agree it’s difficult to improve that which you do not measure, which is why DecisionWise has made measuring easy. A 360-degree feedback assessment is a specific tool that enables organizations to measure the individual strengths and opportunities surrounding their competency models. Assessment administration is incredibly simple on the DecisionWise 360 Platform. Rater selection can be quickly set up by an uploaded list or you can allow participants to actively participate in the process by choosing their own raters from pre-populated employee lists. Critical oversight into the process is maintained through a simplified rater approval process.

During the feedback collection process, participants and raters manage assigned assessments through an individualized assessment portal while administrators have control to add and remove raters, open and close assessments, send reminder emails and more.

Individual Reporting

Leaders don’t want to be overwhelmed with complicated reports that require a degree in data analytics to interpret. Our teams have spent years simplifying the individual report to include what matters most. The platform report settings allow organizations to create variations of the standard reports using pre-configured modules. Modules such as gap analysis, radar plots, key metrics, competency distributions can be turned on or off with the click of a button. Individual reports can be viewed online or downloaded into a PDF.

Leaders who wish to compare themselves against others can easily add benchmark data to the reports. With the platform you can use DecisionWise benchmarks or create internal benchmarks in a matter of seconds. You have the option of showing up to 2 benchmarks in the report.

Aggregate Reporting

Organizations that are creating world-class employee experiences rely on data and evidence as they constantly strive to listen and understand. Those organizations using our aggregated data reports will uncover insights about their culture that were previously obscured or hidden altogether. The DecisionWise 360-platform seamlessly aggregates reports based on a participant tagging system. Tags can be based on titles, training cohorts, demographics, and more. Aggregate reports highlight organizational leadership strengths and opportunities while also uncovering internal training successes and needs.

Action Planning and Accountability

Participating in a 360-degree feedback assessment is often an emotional journey. It is common for participants to experience emotions of shock, surprise, anger, resistance, acceptance, and satisfaction. Having a plan to help participants work through these emotions will establish whether the 360 program is a success or not. The DecisionWise 360 Platform RX library tools enable organizations to provide suggestions and resources for strengthening and improving leadership competencies. Your organization can use resources provided by DecisionWise or connect our reports with your internal LMS system. You can also create custom content with available online resources.  Lastly, include the DecisionWise action planning guide with the individual report to help participants design and structure their individual development plans.

Those leaders who engage with another person for accountability are more likely to see significant improvement in how they measure against the leadership competencies. Individual and group coaching sessions, manager one-on-ones, or mentor programs legitimize the importance of action planning and accountability and are facilitated through our platform. 

In summary, creating world-class employee experiences doesn’t just happen on its own. Organizations must deliberately create expectations for leaders to follow.  DecisionWise helps organizations measure, report, and verify that core leadership expectations are being met. Our platform drives accountability and creates discipline in how leaders build experiences that help employees bring their very best to their work and the organizations they care about. 

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