The DecisionWise Experience: Assessment Advisors

By: Sarah Duvall and Stephen Mickelson

Having an assessment advisor is like getting an extra team member with tons and tons of experience. We know all of the ins and outs for all of the things that you’re trying to accomplish.

The Benefits of Having an Assessment Advisor

We know the challenges of pulling together employee lists and data files. If you have or do not have an HRIS (Human Resources Information System), we can help recommend good approaches for communicating a survey internally. Plus, we’re always  really quick to respond. You’ve got a question, something urgent comes up, you need to call us, we’re right there always available to help.

We’ve worked with multiple organizations of lots of different sizes and industries. We understand and can provide recommendations around how to improve participation, how to communicate the survey internally both before the survey takes place and then afterwards when you’re sharing the results. We can also provide some context as to what we’ve seen from other organizations.

Open Communication

One of our responsibilities is to make sure that we’re always keeping up with you and letting you know what’s going on with the project. We want to make sure you are included on important details. We hold weekly meetings with you and make sure that we’re making it a seamless process for you. We don’t want to overwhelm you with things that you don’t need to know or don’t need to worry about, but at the same time we make sure to keep you are in the loop and keep that line of communication open throughout the survey.

Another thing having an assessment advisory provides and that I’ve seen add a lot of value to clients, is using a hierarchy management system. We take all of your employee data and plug it into our system so you can visually see what your hierarchy looks like, what the results are going to look like and what the report breakouts are going to look like. By helping our clients be able to see the end from the beginning, it helps them make better decisions about how they want to put their data together and what they want the final result to look like.

Understanding Your Employee Base

Something that we do from the very beginning of the project is, rather than jumping right into designing the survey and sending it out, we try and get a picture of what your employee base looks like.

Do your employees work at computers or are they at a work station all day?

Are they in your office or are they remote?

Are they onsite with their own clients?

By better understanding your employee base, we know how to prepare a survey that’s going to reach out to them, that’s going to affect them, that’s going to increase their participation.

We’ve also worked with clients that have had the survey administered in multiple languages and so one of the benefits of working with us is that we can provide that expertise. We can provide recommendations and know how to ensure that you can receive high participation on your survey even when you have special circumstances.

Why We Love What We Do

In short, there’s nothing more engaging to us than working with an organization that really takes our recommendations or approaches, runs with them, sees how they work and help increase engagement because of those. We love being a part of that.

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