The DecisionWise Experience: Consulting

The role of our consultants is to develop a strong partnership with our clients. We bring valuable insights and become a thought partner with you and we do this in a couple of ways.

Everything Starts with Data

First and foremost, everything we do starts with data. Data is really important. It’s what speaks to your executive team. Often times it can be a challenge. What data do we show that’s really going to give that business case for a return on investment in the initiative you are working on.

We work with you on either 360 feedback – which is individual data for leaders – or employee engagement on gathering great information on what employees feel. We can conduct focus groups, glass door reviews, exit data, on-boarding data, and so on. We can even look at business metrics, such as our turnover numbers and see how it correlates with employee engagement scores.

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This type of data is really critical and starting with that builds the case for why the initiative is so critical and how to help with improving the employee experience.

Insight and Recommendations

The other thing that DecisionWise consultants really provide is a giving you really good insights and recommendations based on what we see in the data. Many organizations you partner with might say, “look, we’ve got a great technology tool that will help you to look at the data,” but we go a step further and we say, “Let’s analyze this. Let’s really get into what does this mean for your particular organization.”

We bring a broad perspective that really helps us partner with you on those insights and recommendations.

Goals of a DecisionWise Consultant

Our goal as a consultant is first, to get to know you and your organization. You have unique needs and so with that in mind, we will look at our extensive database of information and, and compare that, pull from our expertise in working with so many different organizations, and from that will give you some very specific insights and suggestions.

The second thing we’ll do is work with you as a thought partner. We know what’s going on your industry. We have ideas around strategy and latest cutting-edge approaches in our field. We’ll share with you those concepts.

Third, we’ll get you to think a little differently. There may be times when we challenge you but our goal again, is to help you evolve your initiatives, your programs in a way that gives you the kind of leverage you need as an HR team, as an organization to really create change and develop a wonderful employee experience.

What I Love About Being a DecisionWise Consultant

What’s really fascinating as a consultant is to be able to go into your organization from an objective, third party perspective and look at how are things working, understanding what your goals are and then help you find out how to fill that gap between where you are and where you want to be.

The most rewarding thing for me as a consultant is to be that partner who brings a fresh pair of eyes and transfers as much knowledge as I have in my field to you so that you can continue to create the kind of culture and employee experience that makes your organization a great place to work.

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