The DecisionWise Experience: Technology and Data Security

DecisionWise has worked hard to create a standard offering and a technology system that allows companies to measure engagement and get valuable insights from what we offer.

We know that not every organization has the same needs, so we’ve built our platform to allow for customization so we can work hand in hand with our clients to be able to build a solution that’s going to measure and deliver the data that they need to create change in their organization.

Data Security

The security of our clients’ data is our most important concerns. Data security is at the heart of discussion around all our products, services and processes. All data is encrypted at rest as well as in transit. All our servers and online systems are protected by advanced firewalls in place behind secure physical access.

In addition to making sure our technology assets are secured, we hold regular training, so all DecisionWise employees are aware of the evolving threat landscape and can be a proactive part of our end to end security plans.

GDPR and DecisionWise

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been a great framework to help us ensure our security at DecisionWise is what we need for our clients. Even though the regulation is only enforced within Europe, we’ve made the decision to make it global for all of our clients services systems.

Everything is GDPR compliant. That way everyone can rest assured that regardless of where their employees might be, we’re secure and have the tools and systems in place to make sure that we can secure data as well as allow individuals to exercise their right to be forgotten or know the data that we have about them.

Our Technology

We have great consultants here at DecisionWise and the first thing they need to be able to create change in organizations is data. What is happening? How do people feel about the organization? We’re able to take advantage of technology to measure within the organization to supply our consultants with valuable data and insights that allow them to help our HR partners create change in organizations.

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