The DecisionWise Experience: What Makes Us Unique?

DecisionWise helps organizations, teams, and individuals create engaging cultures that drive success. What is it about our approach that makes us unique? How do we differ from other organizations that provide engagement solutions?

Blending Software and Consulting

There are two main components that make DecisionWise unique. The first is where we sit in the marketplace. We have a unique position in that anytime you’re talking about employee engagement surveys or consulting related to leadership development or organizational development, you often find two ends of the spectrums.

One end is the quick, do-it-yourself software type of tools. On the other end of the spectrum are these large organizational development consulting houses. DecisionWise combines the best of both worlds and really sits in the middle of those two areas. This makes us very unique with what we offer because we’re able to bring to the table industry leading technology and tools, along with new ways of thinking combined with 22 years of experience in organizational development, consulting and helping organizations turn feedback into results.
We play the role of being a partner with our clients. We view our clients as the experts of their people and we want to fit with them as best as possible. Sometimes when you hear the word consulting, you hear it’s a very expensive way of thinking that you’re going to be forced to do. Our thought process is if it fits, great; if it doesn’t, you’ll be the subject matter expert and let us support you.

Our People

The second piece to what makes us unique is our people. What I find fascinating is the amount of talent that has been found and brought to DecisionWise.

I consider myself very lucky to even be in the room with some of these individuals because they are titans at what they do, especially in the organizational development range, in the consulting, in the thought leadership and expertise.
So, that combination and partnership with our clients allows us to really be there and do what we are hired for, which often is running a survey or providing support and guidance to an executive team. As an HR or talent leader, you were hired to make change inside your organization. You weren’t hired to run a survey. Let us be that person and you do your role and have us support you.


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