The DecisionWise Experience: Who Is a Good Fit for Us?

Companies New to Employee Engagement

We work with all types of organizations of all different industries and sizes. But if I had to say who I get most excited to talk about, it’s people who are maybe just starting out in their journey with trying to figure out employee engagement. What does it really mean? How are we going to measure it? How are we going to increase it for our organization? It’s organizations that have never really had a formal process or a team dedicated to this; where they are really early on in this idea of engagement maturity. They have that hunger to get to a spot where engagement is a part of their DNA.

Those are the organizations that I love to talk with because they have a heavy need for our type of service offering; for our consulting, for our heavy support, for our fully managed service. They need all that type of high-touch, hand-holding that we can provide.

Companies Looking for Something Fresh

I would also say on the flip side of that coin, we love working with organizations who have maybe gotten a bit stale in their processes and are looking for something that’s fresh. While employee engagement is the overarching umbrella of all that we do, there’s different veins inside that umbrella; different ways to interact with your employees. For example, companies might come to us looking for a fresh approach around pulse surveys, which is kind of a hot item in the market right now. We can answer questions around: How often should we be be surveying? What questions should we be asking? What metrics should we be be following? We’ve built a very scientific approach to that, while maintaining a very clean and fresh look of reporting and methodology.

Other things could be conducting a multi-rater assessment to look at engagement and how it relates between a manager and his or her team (the first of it’s kind). So, if I’m in a management position and I’ve got a team of five people reporting to me, what is my role in creating engagement for the team in that environment? Where are my strengths? Where are my gaps? We have assessments to help with that.

What’s more, we have consulting to step in and take your efforts to the next level. We’ll show you how. We can help you establish an Employee Value Proposition so you can understand why did our good people join the company, what’s going to keep them here and then, figure out how to recruit more employees like them. We’ve done a lot of work in that space.

It all boils back to our methodology, our roots of employee engagement, of creating an employee experience.

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