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Ultimate Stay Interview Guide for Managers

25 questions managers can use to launch an employee engagement
conversation in order to retain and engage their employees.

As a manager, do you know your employee’s level of engagement? If not, how do you find out? Talk to them! That’s it! Have a sincere conversation, ask questions, and LISTEN to what they say!

MOST MANAGERS ARE WILLING to have conversations with their teams about engagement. Most employees welcome the conversation, if done correctly. However, most of us don’t know where to begin.

ENGAGEMENT MAGIC® — Meaning, Autonomy, Growth, Impact, and Connection is about changing the growing conditions of engagement, not telling employees how to engage. Engagement is a 50-50 proposition, organizations can only create an environment that unlocks the power of engagement, but it is up to the individual employee to choose to be engaged.

Ultimate interview guide whitepaper

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