VIDEO: 5 Employee Engagement Best Practices

5 Employee Engagement Best Practices

In the VIDEO: 5 Employee Engagement Best Practices I share 5 employee engagement best practices from our 2016 State of Employee Engagement Report.

To compile this report, we surveyed HR professionals from over 200 organizations around the world on what they were doing to address employee engagement.

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For one of the questions, we asked, “Based on any employee survey results over the past 3 years, has the overall level of employee engagement in your organization trended upward, stayed the same, or gone down.” 32% of organizations reported engagement trending upward, 28% stayed the same, and 17% reported engagement had actually decreased. 

Companies with Employee Engagement Trending Upward


When we looked at the 32% who reported engagement trended upward over the past 3 years, here is what we found:


1.         Successful companies consistently measure employee engagement.

Most companies with rising levels of employee engagement have measured it at least every year for the past three years or more.


2.         Successful companies do better at involving managers in the action planning process.

Companies with upward trending levels of employee engagement also reported that more managers are involved in action planning.

Involve Managers in Action Planning

3.         Successful companies train managers on employee engagement.

Training managers on employee engagement, and training in general, were two similarities among companies with rising levels of engagement. So investing in the development of your managers pays off in increased engagement.

Train Managers on Employee Engagement

4.        Successful companies measure the ROI of employee engagement.

Specifically, companies that compare their engagement efforts to retention and other performance metrics do better at increasing engagement overall.

Measure the ROI of Employee Engagement

5.         Successful companies work with an outside provider.

Almost 60% of companies with rising levels of engagement report that they partner with service providers to enhance employee engagement. So if your employee engagement program has stalled, you may benefit from the expertise of outside engagement professionals.

Companies tend to work with Employee Engagement outside partners

Want to learn more? Download our 2016 State of Employee Engagement Report to learn about other best practices and to see how your organization compares. This 58-page report shows specifically what organizations are doing to measure and increase employee engagement. 

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Thanks for reading or watching and best of luck in your efforts to create an engaging workplace.

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