Webinar: Pulse Survey Best Practices

Employee Engagement Pulse Surveys are critical to every employee engagement strategy. During this webinar, DecisionWise’s President, Greg Zippi, along with David L. Mason, Director of I/O Psychology explore the benefits of using frequent pulse surveys as part of your employee listening strategy.
Topics for discussion

  1. Defining the different types of employee surveys
  2. Proper use of pulse surveys
  3. How to avoid survey fatigue
  4. How technology improvements allow you to have a pulse on your overall employee engagement
  5. How scientific questions with a statistical process can increase clarity around pulse survey response
  6. A short demonstration of the DecisionWise pulse survey tools

Presenter Information:
Greg Zippi:
As President of DecisionWise, Greg Zippi is responsible for all client-facing aspects of the business including product development, marketing, sales and delivery. In addition, he oversees all strategic business development initiatives.
Dr. David Mason
David is an experienced Consultant and leads the I/O Psychology and Data Science learning and curriculum efforts at DecisionWise, and is responsible for the design of our training, facilitation, and workshops. He leads sessions throughout the world on employee engagement and workplace learning. Having completed a Ph.D. in Psychology at Columbia University, and undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology at Brigham Young University, Dr. Mason turns his understanding of adult learning and psychology into business concepts, working with numerous businesses and academic institutions. Prior to joining DecisionWise, David taught in the Department of Cognitive, Perceptual, and Brain Sciences at University College London. In addition to Dr. Mason’s strong presentation and facilitation skills, DecisionWise often taps into his extensive knowledge of statistics and research in developing and evaluating assessments.

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