What Are Companies Doing to Increase Employee Engagement?

In our 2018 State of Employee Engagement survey, we collected feedback from over 180 organizations to create a comprehensive look at employee engagement best practices. One section of the survey included a set of questions about programs being used to increase employee engagement and the success of these programs. Here are four key findings from the research:

1. Only 56% of Companies Have an Employee Engagement Program

We asked HR leaders if their organization has a formal program currently in place specifically aimed at enhancing employee engagement. One surprising finding is that only 56% of respondents indicated they did, while 41% reported they did not (3% did not know). We suspect that more than 56% of organizations are using programs to improve engagement such as employee feedback systems, training courses, or employee events but they have not created an umbrella program to address employee engagement at an organizational level. Our research also found that those organizations that did have a program in place were more likely to see engagement levels increase over the past three years.

2. Other Competing Priorities Cited as #1 Reason for Not Having an Employee Engagement Program

We then specifically asked those who do not have any engagement programs: “Why does your organization not have any programs in place to enhance employee engagement?” “Other competing priorities” was the most-cited response at 41%, followed by “Lack of support from Senior Executive Team” at 38%. Surprisingly, “Lack of executive team support” made a significant jump in 2018 outweighing a “Lack of knowledge about EE.”

3. Employee Feedback Systems are the #1 Engagement Initiative

The study drilled down to the specific programs and initiatives being used to improve employee engagement. We asked: “What types of employee engagement-specific initiatives has your organization implemented in the past three years?” Employee feedback systems such as employee surveys, focus groups, and interviews consisted of 60% of the responses, followed by company events (52%), recognition programs (45%), and wellness programs (38%).

4. Most Employee Engagement Programs are Somewhat Successful

HR leaders had mixed feelings when asked: “Overall, how successful do you feel these programs have been over the past three years in increasing employee engagement?” 47%, responded with, “somewhat successful,” possibly indicating that it is difficult to calculate the impact of “soft” people programs. 33% responded that their programs have been successful or very successful, while 13% reported their programs were not successful.

Two Best Practice Takeaways from this Research

Later in our survey, we asked HR leaders if the level of employee engagement in their organization had increased, stayed the same, or decreased over the past three years. For those where engagement increased, we found two significant differences. Companies with increasing levels of employee engagement have a formal employee engagement program in place and have consistently measured employee engagement each year for multiple years. These findings seem somewhat obvious, but it confirms that if your organization is only somewhat committed to engagement, your results will reflect your halfhearted efforts.
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