360 Degree Feedback Assessments for Your Organization

The Spectiv platform powered by DecisionWise will help you measure the most important leadership competencies and identify those behaviors that undermine a leader’s effectiveness.

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Individual and Group 360 Reports

With 20 different individual report options and counting, you can customize the way you present 360-degree feedback that best supports your leader’s development. Include benchmarking, trending, an action planner, and pull from a library of curated competency resources that provide suggestions for development goals.

Bundle that with dynamic group reporting based on employee demographics, and you gain a clear picture of the leadership bench strength in your organization. With the Spectiv reporting platform, you can easily identify specific strengths and development needs for your leaders.

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Spectiv’s 360 Degree Feedback platform has been built by experienced HR professionals

Spectiv helps HR leaders manage the logistics of a complex 360 Degree Feedback program. It also solves a core problem associated with remote workforces: how do we give feedback when we aren’t working side-by-side? Spectiv’s platform captures feedback from everyone around the participant to ensure they get an accurate view of where they are succeeding and where they may need help. It also manages the realities of the modern workplace by creating an online feedback collection system that works anywhere your people are.

Help your people grow and develop by giving them a proven tool to build self awareness!

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Built for HR

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Built for the Modern Workforce

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Built to Help People Grow and Develop

Partnering with DecisionWise

For over 25 years, DecisionWise has helped organizations, teams, leaders, and individuals create competency-based cultures that drive success. Our 360 Feedback Software Platform (Spectiv) and validated assessments provide unmatched quality in helping individuals to make meaningful improvements.

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