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360 Degree Feedback

Measure 80 leadership competencies and 320 behaviors

tied to specific development resources.

Not Just the Best 360 Survey Platform

We make it easy. You partner with an experienced project manager who uses our advanced Spectiv 360-degree feedback platform to administer the entire process. This means that we do the heavy lifting but you still have complete access to the system and visibility to the process. Your project manager works with you to set up assessments, participants, schedules, and reporting options. We also answer questions from users, send reminders, and generate reports. This ensures high confidentiality, zero mistakes, and peace of mind.

Do you really want to do it all yourself? Fine, the Spectiv 360 platform allows you to do that too.

Out-of-the-Box or Fully Customized 360 Assessments

Choose from a suite of tested and benchmarked 360 feedback surveys for executives, managers, and individual contributors or create your own by pulling from our database of 80 competencies and 320 behaviors. Want to load your own questions or customize ours? No problem. Our surveys are easily customizable, and you can have a survey that is exclusively yours, ready in minutes. Combine that with robust benchmark comparisons and prescriptive recommendations and you have all the tools you need to drive leadership development and/or performance management in your organization. Because we have been doing this since 1996, we have accumulated a massive pile of best-practice resources to draw from to use to your advantage.

  • Standard 360 assessments for executives, managers, and individual contributors
  • 80 Leadership Competencies, 320 Behaviors
  • Leadership Derailers
  • Benchmarking comparisons
  • Performance appraisal
  • Options for individual development, exec teams, training programs

Individual and Group 360 Reports

With 20 different individual report options and counting, you can customize the way you present 360-degree feedback that best supports your leader’s development. Include benchmarking, trending, an action planner, and pull from a library of curated competency resources that provide suggestions for development goals. Bundle that with dynamic group reporting based on employee demographics, and you gain a clear picture of the leadership bench strength in your organization. With the Spectiv reporting platform, you can easily identify specific strengths and development needs for your leaders.

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Leadership Competency Model

Leadership Competency Development

Your leaders should model behaviors that drive your organization results. These behaviors vary by company based on the culture and strategy. DecisionWise consultants create comprehensive competency models and translate those behaviors into a 360 assessment to measure leadership alignment.

Individual and Group 360 Assessment Debriefs

Every day, DecisionWise coaches debrief leaders on their 360-degree feedback results. During these sessions we help participants put their results into perspective, identify strengths and opportunities, and draft an action plan for improvement. Our goal is for participants to walk away with greater self-awareness and motivation to grow and develop professionally. During group debrief sessions we review how to interpret the survey results and create goals. One-on-one 360 debrief meetings allow the coach and participants to dive deeper into results. Sometimes we set the report aside to deal with a current problem the leader is trying to solve. Then we use the 360 results to craft an approach to solve the problem and map out a successful year.

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Become a DecisionWise 360 Feedback Certified Coach

Learn how to debrief leaders on their 360 assessment results. We’ve been training HR professionals, independent coaches, and leaders for 25 years on how to use 360 feedback for leadership development. As a course participant, you take a 360 assessment and have an individual debrief session with one of our coaches. During the workshop, you learn how to interpret 360 assessment data, practice coaching with other participants, and gain access to several best-practice guides and materials. Complete all the requirements to earn a professional badge on your LinkedIn profile.

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