Coaching on 360-Degree Feedback Results

Did you know that only 34% of 360-degree feedback participants claim, when asked 6 months later, that they have made significant changes since receiving their feedback? That’s a poor investment, and one that is repeated time and time again when organizations purchase 360 feedback software tools and simply provide participants with their 360 reports. However, when paired with coaching and goal setting, 94% report meaningful change. That’s why it’s critical to provide some form of coaching when conducting a 360 degree feedback survey.

Why Coaching?

360 degree feedback is often an emotional process. After all, it’s about change. We find that participants go through the SARA model- Shock, Anger, Resistance, and Acceptance. A skilled coach helps the individual interpret the feedback, manage these emotions, and use the feedback as a catalyst for change and development.

Who Does the Coaching?

Coaching should be provided by someone who has experience with 360 feedback and coaching others. This can be done inside your organization by internal coaches, or by using an experienced outside coach. DecisionWise has a pool of expert coaches who have provided coaching to tens of thousands of feedback recipients. We can also train your internal HR team, as well as your managers, to conduct coaching and debrief 360 results internally.

DecisionWise Coaching Services

Coaching engagements vary in scope based on the desired outcome. We provide multiple coaching options to effectively leverage 360 feedback in your organization:

360 Group Coaching Workshop

Many organizations find it effective to conduct a group coaching workshop in order to debrief 360 assessment results. A DecisionWise executive coach will conduct a group workshop to help participants understand their feedback and use it to create action plans. The group session lasts two to four hours for up to 30 participants. The workshop agenda is as follows:
  • Understanding Feedback
  • Interpreting the Report
  • Understanding Strengths, Derailers, Gaps
  • Peer Coaching on Feedback (one-on-one)
  • Creating Development Plans
  • Peer Coaching on Development Plans (small groups)

Initial 360 Debrief

When debriefing 360 results one-on-one, participant meets with senior DecisionWise coachor internal facilitator to receive personal coaching on their feedback and development plans. This session helps the individual process their feedback and begin the development process. The meeting generally lasts 1.5 hours and can be conducted onsite or over the telephone. During these sessions participants will:
  • Understand their feedback and possible interpretations
  • Gain deeper personal awareness and perspective on personal impact
  • Surface “undiscussable” issues and concerns, and begin a dialogue about them
  • Focus on natural strengths, talents, and skills, as well as potential derailers
  • Create a preliminary development plan