360 Degree Feedback Coaching

Help guide and support leaders after they receive their 360 Degree Feedback results.

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360 Feedback Coaching is Vital

360 Degree Feedback is an incredibly powerful tool, if done right. Many organizations, however, simply order an assessment and leave the participant to try and understand the feedback they have been given. Participants, however, need ongoing support, especially as they first interpret their report and review their feedback.

The single best way to ensure that leaders find value from the 360 Degree Feedback process is to support them with a 60 or 90-minute coaching session where they can discuss their report with a Certified 360 Feedback Coach. 360 Degree Feedback coaching helps leaders appropriately interpret and process their report. Coaching helps them to focus on their strengths, and not just their weaknesses. Coaching also keeps participants from guessing “who said what” and start focusing on how their feedback can help them with both their short-term and long-term goals.

We’re here to help! We can help you line up external coaches to handle the sessions, or we can help you train, develop, and manage a group of internal coaches on how to conduct professionally 360 Degree Feedback coaching sessions.

Partner with Us and Earn an Important Professional Credential

  • We teach coaching that is centered around a 360 Degree assessment and how it is different than typical executive coaching
  • We understand participant selection and readiness
  • Our coaching methods benefit both the leader and the organization
  • We help clients create an internal support team familiar with the leader’s development goals and targets
  • We train on how to conduct 360 Feedback coaching sessions and we offer a unique professional credential: 360 Feedback Certified Coach
  • Our approach is practical, positive, and forward-looking
  • We help clients develop new mindsets, behaviors, and we teach them how to change the perceptions of key stakeholders
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Benefits of 360 Feedback Coaching

  • Understand personal engagement and productivity
  • Learn how to improve the engagement and productivity of others
  • Work on executive presence
  • Learn how to influence others to achieve positive outcomes
  • Discuss strategies for managing conflict and emotions
  • Discover and adopt a personal style
  • Learn how to handle difficult or highly sensitive situations
  • Discover secrets on how to communicate more effectively
  • Ways to strengthen internal and external relationships
  • How to bridge past successes and shortcomings
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Our 360 Coaching Options

DecisionWise provides a variety of coaching options to help participants interpret their 360-degree feedback, create a personal development plan, and improve their performance. We can provide coaching directly to participants or train internal facilitators to coach others on their results.

  • 360 Orientation
  • 360 Individual Results Debrief
  • 360 Group Coaching Workshop
  • 360 Individual Coaching Session and Development Plan Creation

Looking to Go Beyond 360 Coaching?

We have partnered with some of the finest executive coaches to help clients who require either highly-experienced coaches or ongoing support that will last longer than a debrief and a few follow-up sessions. Whether working with top-level executives or helping a high performer take the next step, our coaches have decades of experience offering impactful coaching.

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