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360 Feedback Coaching

How will you support leaders once they receive their 360 degree feedback report?


Learning and change requires consistency and effort over time. Coaching helps leaders learn new skills and techniques while at the same time helping them develop sustainable habits.

Why You Should Partner with Us

  • We work with companies on participant selection and readiness.
  • Our coaching methods benefit both the leader and the organization.
  • We help clients create an internal support team familiar with the leader’s development target.
  • Our approach is practical, positive, and forward-looking.
  • We help clients develop new behaviors and change the perceptions of key stakeholders.

Benefits of 360 Degree Feedback Coaching

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Coaching Options

DecisionWise provides a variety of coaching options to help participants interpret their 360-degree feedback, create a personal development plan, and improve their performance.

We can provide coaching directly to participants or train internal facilitators to coach others on their results.

Download the "Engaging People Coaching" Guide to Learn More