Employee Value Proposition Survey

Understand how to attract, retain, and engage top talent through an Employee Value Proposition Survey.

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Employee Value Proposition Defined

The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a component of an organization’s larger brand. Specifically, it’s the key messaging an organization uses to help attract and retain its best employees and to attract more. Underlying this key branding are the following elements:

  • The organization’s mission, purpose, and values
  • Pay and benefits
  • Location and its associated pluses or minuses (e.g., access to surf beaches or crowded freeways)
  • Organizational culture
  • Working arrangements such as flexibility, scheduling, and working styles
  • Technology and hardware that may be important to employees
  • Growth and development pathways
  • Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance positions (ESG)
  • Social missions and other cause-based initiatives
  • Perks
  • Physical environments such as office space, breakrooms, cafeterias, etc.

In summary, your EVP is a branding strategy that represents everything of value you have to offer your employees in hopes of attracting, motivating, and retaining the best employees.

How Can an Employee Value Proposition Survey Help Your Organization?

An Employee Value Proposition survey is a great way to help leaders understand why people joined the organization, what keeps them motivated, and what employees are looking for as they continue to grow and develop professionally. An Employee Value Proposition survey is designed to help you understand:

    1. What are the demographic profiles of your workforce (ages, experience, educational levels, even commute times)?
    2. Seeing what employees value most by asking them to rank certain benefits from most important to least?
    3. Learning whether your organization has taken care of its mandatory satisfaction elements?
    4. Do your employees feel like they fit in and whether they believe they are making meaningful contributions?
    5. What job attributes are most important, such as trainings, work schedules, opportunities for growth, remote work, or flexibility?
    6. Finally, do your employees feel as sense of belonging and connection to the organization and to what degree?

We Have Software Solutions That Can Help

DecisionWise’s platform, Spectiv, includes turn-key templates that will help you administer Employee Value Proposition surveys. In addition, our consultants can help you customize your questions, create and administer focus groups, and analyze your people data to better understand your demographic profiles and employee personas.

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