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DecisionWise was founded in 1996 and has grown from a small boutique HR consulting firm to a modern Employee Feedback SaaS company. In addition to our software solutions, we also provide consulting services, thought leadership, and project management services. During our history, we have provided services to over 70 countries in 30 different languages.

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Our History

DecisionWise was founded on two simple premises. One, that gathering employee feedback (voice of the employee) is vital in helping to: (1) improve organizational leadership, (2) create winning Employee Experiences and awesome corporate cultures, and (3) drive Employee Engagement. Second, we have always known that technology must play a strategic part in the process. Indeed, our first solution was deployed using multiple PC diskettes. Now, we offer a robust, cloud-based platform that serves clients and employees across the globe.

We started with a few dedicated individuals (Charles Rogel, we’re talking about you) doing it all. Everyone was running scan-sheets for computer surveys, acting as technical support, selling to clients, and consulting on the data. Today, we have teams of software developers, industrial psychologists, sales professionals, client success managers, project managers, consultants, and more. When you work with DecisionWise, you’ll tap into decades of experience, millions and millions of survey responses, leading benchmark and normative data sets, and unparalleled know-how.


DecisionWise’s trajectory has been shaped by Dr. Tracy M. Maylett, DecisionWise’s CEO. Dr. Maylett is a leading HR thought leader who is both a business executive and industrial-organizational psychologist. He has authored numerous articles, book chapters, academic papers, and business books. He has also taught thousands of students at the University level in both undergraduate and graduate programs. Dr. Maylett is supported by Matthew Wride, as President, Christian Nielson as Chief Revenue Officer, Micah Wardell as Chief Product Officer, and David Long as Chief Operating Officer. Our truest expression of leadership, however, is what our employees each do on a daily basis. These incredibly talented and engaged people are the secret to our success, and they represent the very best of our corporate values.



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Why our Employee Feedback Solutions are Better

Our Solutions are Supported by Extensive Research

  • Research-based, validated, and field-tested survey questions so you know precisely what to ask and how to ask it
  • Software solutions that have been designed by experts in the fields of HR, business, and organizational psychology — not just software engineers
  • Our database contains over 50 million survey data points with robust industry benchmarking comparisons and extensive normative data
  • Thousands of client experiences across multiple industries and verticals
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Reporting and Analytics Tools That Help Leaders Make Data-Driven Decisions

  • We offer out-of-the box templates and guides to help you gather the most relevant data
  • Purpose-built visualizations and reporting options that make it easy to deliver the right data to your leaders
  • No need to hire someone or invest in expensive training in order to configure or implement our platform
  • Our tools have been built specifically (and only) for employee feedback
  • Confidentiality parameters are built into the platform so that employees can be confident their managers won’t see individual responses

Project Managers that Can Help the Overwhelmed or Under-Resourced HR Professional

  • Our number one job is to help you get the employee information you need to improve the employee experience… (and make you look good in the process)
  • A highly-trained project management team is available to guide you along the way, or to handle all of the work for you
  • Using an expert third party provides the highest level of confidentiality and expertise, so survey participation will also increase significantly
  • We administer surveys online, using kiosks, via smartphones, on paper, or nearly any other method your organization needs; we have even been known visit jobsites with tablets to ensure employees are able to respond
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Experienced Consultants That Will Help You Listen More Effectively

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Our consultants are credentialed and well-seasoned senior-level professionals who deliver on our most complex engagements.

Consultants regularly find themselves coaching top executives and delivering recommendations to the boards of directors for multinational corporations –and they love it.

Client Delivery

The client delivery team makes sure a customer is always happy. Project Managers manage survey projects of all shapes and sizes, often working closely with our consulting team to deliver actionable survey results and recommendations to executive teams. Do you live and breathe details? Is Microsoft Excel your best friend? Let’s talk!


We have amazing engineers, product designers, and security and IT professionals. They ensure our clients have the very best solutions and that our people have the tools and resources they need to succeed. Technology is at the very foundation of our business. If you’re looking to make a huge impact here at DecisionWise, look no further.

Business Development

Working together, our marketing and sales team form a strategic union to help retain our current clients and to help us find new clients to serve. This team manages all things revenue. If you’re extremely driven, creative, and passionate, you’ll fit right in.

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Partner With DecisionWise for Success

For over 25 years, DecisionWise has helped organizations, teams, leaders, and individuals create competency-based cultures that drive success.

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