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Employee Engagement Consultant

Building engaged employees at the individual, team, and organizational level

Why hire an employee engagement consultant?

Hiring an employee engagement consultant is only the beginning of an effective change process. Great companies recognize that the value of an employee survey does not come from the survey results alone. Instead, real value comes from using the results to make meaningful changes in the organization. Employee engagement consultants are a great way to identify specific weaknesses and make improvements.

Why are all companies not equally successful at turning their feedback into results? With our years of expertise, we have observed common pitfalls that undermine a successful change management process. These pitfalls include:

  1. Rushing the process: Leaders act hastily before taking the time to prioritize the issues and identify the most critical needs for the organization.
  2. Failing to act: Leaders may know what is wrong, but they do not know what to do about it. As a result, they avoid taking action and allow the problems to continue or get worse.
  3. Getting bogged down in process: Sometimes, rolling out results becomes the sole priority and leaders neglect the bigger issue of taking action.

At DecisionWise, we know how to guide your organization away from these pitfalls and towards a successful outcome. Our experienced employee engagement consultants can help your organization identify common and custom solutions that will have the greatest impact. We also provide continued support to help you navigate your way through change management initiatives. 

Process Overview

Before coming onsite, a DecisionWise senior employee engagement consultant(s) will review your company’s results, identify critical themes, and prepare recommendations for the next steps. During a full-day onsite session, the senior consultant(s) guide key stakeholders through the following exercises:

  1. Identification of critical themes
  2. Prioritization of themes according to importance, cost, and ease of implementation
  3. Development of action plans and milestones

The meeting will conclude with an agreement around specific actions, timelines, and assignments of responsibility. Phone touchpoints with the engagement consultant(s) are also established for future dates to provide accountability and assistance.


At the end of the Engagement Summit, leaders can expect to walk away having achieved the following outcomes:

  1. Prioritization of themes and initiatives for the next year
  2. Defined and measurable milestones for success
  3. Alignment of sponsors to specific initiatives
  4. Outside accountability and continued consulting