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Employee Engagement Consulting

Every day, our consultants wade knee-deep in data working with HR and executive teams
to analyze employee survey results, debrief leaders, and facilitate action-planning activities.

Employee Engagement Survey Consulting

We have unique perspectives on what’s going on in your industry so we can tell you how you stack up and what is working in other organizations. We know what to look for under the hood and detect the leverage points that are most important for your success. Our big deliverable is an executive slide deck that tells the story, summarizes the key findings, and compels your leaders to take action. Whether you are new to this or a veteran multiple-regression data nerd, we have experts to help you up your game.

  • Customized Executive Slide Deck with Key Insights and Recommendations
  • Executive Team Debriefs
  • Individual Leader Debriefs
  • Action Planning Committee Workshops
  • Focus Groups
  • Engagement Training
The morning staff meeting

Senior Leadership Team Individual Debriefs

An employee engagement consultant meets with each member of the senior leadership team to conduct a comprehensive review of their department employee survey results. Other leaders within the department may also participate in the meeting.

  • Review unique circumstances from the past year and how they have impacted employee perceptions in the department
  • Conduct an in-depth review of the results using the online reporting platform to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Review the team results for each sub-group in the department
  • Develop a unique action-planning strategy based on the department results
  • Instruct the department leader how to have action-planning conversations with his or her direct reports

Manager and Staff Debriefs

An employee engagement consultant presents a summary version of the Engagement Analysis Slide Deck to other groups in the organization. Normally, results are presented to the executive team first, then to all leaders, and finally to all staff.

  • The consultant works with the HR team to determine which slides to present from the Engagement Analysis Slide Deck for each group
  • The one-hour virtual presentation describes the key findings from the survey and allows for a question-and-answer session

Manager Action Planning Training

An employee engagement consultant conducts a training session for managers on how to interpret results from their team PDF reports and facilitate action planning sessions with their own teams.

  • The engagement consultant trains managers on the concepts of employee engagement, satisfaction, and the influence managers have on their teams’ engagement
  • Managers learn how to read and interpret their team results including identifying the key strengths and opportunities
  • Resources and action-planning ideas are provided to address the specific questions on the survey
  • The engagement consultant reviews how managers will conduct debrief and action-planning meetings with their teams modeling productive ways to encourage discussion and participation

Employee Engagement Summit Workshop

Some key priorities identified from the survey results are best approached through an employee action-planning committee. An employee engagement consultant facilitates a one-day action-planning workshop with a cross-section of volunteer employees who later present ideas to executive sponsors for approval. This meeting is normally held two to four weeks after the Executive Presentation once the key priorities have been decided. Workshop outline:

  • A volunteer committee of 15-30 employees is created who attend the summit workshop and continue to meet regularly throughout the year to execute action plans
  • Executive sponsors present and describe the key priorities the committee will address at the beginning of the workshop
  • Two to three sub-groups are formed within the committee to address specific topics (i.e.: Communications, Collaboration, etc.)
  • During the workshop, the sub-groups identify root causes and potential action plans
  • At the end of the day, action plan ideas are presented to the executive sponsors for discussion and approval
  • The employee sub-groups continue to meet to implement approved action plans throughout the year

Focus Groups

To achieve better understanding from the survey results, an employee engagement consultant conducts focus groups with leaders and employees to explore key themes identified from the survey. These sessions can be conducted virtually or onsite.

  • The engagement consultant works with the HR team to determine the topics to explore, number of focus groups needed, and the number and types of employees included in each
  • Results from the focus groups are summarized in a report outlining the key findings
  • The engagement consultant and project manager present the findings during a one-hour virtual meeting with the HR team

Employee Engagement Survey Action Planning Best Practices