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Employee Lifecycle Surveys

Measure the entire employee lifecycle using pulse surveys,
onboarding surveys, exit surveys, and much more.

Create a Continuous Listening Campaign

An annual employee engagement survey forms anchor-points to your continuous employee listening strategy. Think of it as a yearly physical with your doctor. It provides a comprehensive diagnostic, new organization priorities, and cascading prescriptive action plans designed to improve organization health.

Employee lifecycle surveys amplify your annual survey by measuring progress (pulse surveys), targeting local opportunities (ad-hoc pulse surveys), and maintaining a constant pulse on employee sentiment (anniversary surveys). Combine all this with new-hire, onboarding, and exit surveys and you have created an impregnable system of measurement and accountability. Let’s help you put it all together.

Managed Pulse Surveys

Like the name says, we manage this survey for you. Much like your annual engagement survey, a managed pulse survey is sent to the entire employee population, it just has fewer questions. We still set up your employee hierarchy and demographics so you can provide reports to any manager that has five or more responses. Your consultant helps you choose the right questions based on the priorities identified from your annual survey. The goal is to see if your organization’s action plans are gaining traction. This type of pulse survey keeps everyone accountable and lets you know if you need to change course.

Ad-Hoc Pulse Surveys

Want to find out what the sales reps think about the latest price change? How about understanding the equipment needs of your warehouse staff? Ad-hoc surveys can happen at any time, are targeted to certain populations, and use different sets of questions. The possibilities are endless. Think faster execution and complete flexibility.

Anniversary Surveys, Continuous Listening, EX Monitoring

Let’s say you want to understand current employee sentiment, but you don’t want to survey the entire organization every month to find out. Anniversary pulse surveys fulfill the continuous feedback need by surveying employees celebrating a work anniversary every month. That means a separate random sample of 1/12 of your employees answer the same few questions each month creating a constant pulse of feedback. Track your employee net promoter score, engagement, and changing employee sentiment from open-ended feedback.

New Hire and Onboarding Surveys

First impressions are everything. Our research shows that more employees quit during the first year than any other tenure group. Onboarding surveys monitor new employee’s first steps at two intervals. At two weeks, we survey new hires to find out if the onboarding process was followed by asking questions about orientation, training, and job expectations. After 90 days, we conduct a second short survey to understand how integrated employees feel in their new job. Both surveys allow you to track by month and quarter and provide results to the employee’s manager to take swift action in case there are any stumbles.

Exit Surveys

It’s not you, it’s me. Break-ups are hard. It hurts even more when you don’t know what went wrong. Exit surveys provide answers to your executives about why retention is down. You can quantify exact separation reasons and diagnose hot spots by department, job role, or manager interaction. Search open-ended comments to understand where the relationship went wrong. Results are available immediately so you can take quick action to avoid getting ghosted.

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